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24 Whitestown Way, Tallaght, Dublin 24
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Overall reviews of Woodie's DIY in Sandyford, County Dublin

Sales Assistant | Sandyford, County Dublin | 12 Apr 2014
working for Woodies DIY was great and fun
I started working at Woodies DIY as a part time sales assistant. Work was great. I started from till operations, to assistance in garden center with plants, balloon bar and home-style department where I did most. Eventually I was setting up displays and ordering stock , and also I was lucky one to go on a shop refits with interior design managers also to other stores in the country. Co workers were lovely and there was always good atmosphere at work, managers were always helpful and guiding just as well as supportive. In fairness there was never the area or task to describe as hardest part of the job. The most enjoyable then again was and also fun a stock taking.. well yes a tricky one but I liked it. Working there I was very happy, and I learned there is never too small or too big job uneasy to handle...you can do everything,,just when you want it. I started my employment there with smile, and every time I visit...that smile is still there.
ProsChristmas hamper
Cashier/Sales | Sandyford, County Dublin | 21 Aug 2020
Worst Place to wprk ever
Worse place to work ever, work you to the bone for peanuts. Management (with the exception of 2 team leaders) dont care about there staff, literally no work/life balance. Expect you to be experts at everything with no training. Favourites got advancments. One guy with mental health issues was told take a pill and get over it. Heard recently that the manager in question was moved to another store (god help them).
Pros1 team leaders whos name starts with D
ConsPay, upper management, poor job advancement, poor moral, not enough space to type them all
Sales Assistant | Sandyford, County Dublin | 6 Dec 2018
Fun at times
Most days can be fun, the people that work here are a really great bunch. Management can be difficult, at times you can have 4 people telling you different things to do. The hardest part of the job is the hours and not knowing your roster for the coming weeks. The people, floor staff, make this an overall enjoyable place to work but it really depends on your aspirations as to whether or not this is the place for you.
Prosco workers, discount, first pick when things are reduced to clear.
Consunsociable hours, hourly wage is very low
Sales Assistant | Sandyford, County Dublin | 9 Dec 2019
No loyalty
Worked there for quite a while gave it my all everyday only to get injured and be made an outcast and stripped of all bonuses because of an investigation. Other than that it’s quite a challenging job due to the amount of knowledge you are meant to have in comparison to the next to no product training you receive, most of the staff are great but majority of management are rude and incompetent. Pay is just more than the minimum.
Retail Sales Associate | Sandyford, County Dublin | 16 Jan 2022
Enjoyable work, great atmosphere and friendly managers
I really enjoyed working at woodies. I got to learn a lot about horticulture and I met a lot of fun and interesting people. Managers are friendly and are open to any discussions. Working hours were difficult at times, particularly when college got tough but summer hours were nice
ProsLong lunch breaks, loads of benefits
ConsDifficult working schedule
Associate | Sandyford, County Dublin | 18 Jan 2020
Good Colleagues, Mixed Management
The friendships and co-operation between colleagues is great. Fantastic support from those around you. Management is hit or miss. Some will go out of their way for you, and that gives you the motivation to return the favour. Some openly call colleagues disposable numbers to fill the floor. And those ones will treat you as such.
Shop Assistant | Sandyford, County Dublin | 17 Jun 2014
good place to work
I used to set up my till. counting money every day working on the reception pricing all the goods doing orders The best moment was when I used to help customers face to face giving lots of suggestions about homestyle section the one I was used to look for.
Customer Service Representative | Sandyford, County Dublin | 22 Nov 2021
Quite boring and stressful at times
It was ok, I was part time student and some times I felt as if I was taken for granted. The hours were bleak and not many holidays were given. Management were unorganised at times
Apprentice | Sandyford, County Dublin | 10 Apr 2022
Retail is Retail, co-workers are key. Without a good group the place would be dull. Worked there for about 6 years. Nearly impossible to get a work life balance once they become dependent on you

Questions and answers about Woodie's DIY

How are the working hours at Woodie's DIY?
Asked 14 Jan 2018
The hours good only 1 late night a week and work every second weekend
Answered 2 Jan 2020
The hours are good
Answered 29 Aug 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Woodie's DIY a better place to work?
Asked 14 Jan 2022
Provide more training
Answered 16 Jan 2022
Give a fair salary to all staff
Answered 14 Jan 2022
On average, how many hours do you work a day at Woodie's DIY?
Asked 9 Jul 2021
9 hours a day is the usual
Answered 22 Oct 2021
9 with two brakes (1 hour and 15 minutes)
Answered 9 Jul 2021
How did you get your first interview at Woodie's DIY?
Asked 8 May 2021
Indeed job site
Answered 11 May 2021
Indeed job site
Answered 8 May 2021
Can you work par time at woodies
Asked 18 Sept 2020
Yes but only weekends
Answered 30 Sept 2021
Yes you can. You get part time contract but you can work 39 hours if you want
Answered 9 Jul 2021