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Overall reviews of Woodie's DIY in Dublin, County Dublin

Floor Staff | Dublin, County Dublin | 28 Apr 2016
Brief discouraging but honest review of Woodies after 8 years employment.
Worked in Woodies DIY for 8 years through undergraduate and post-grad years. Really would not have bothered reviewing but I found the available reviews quite suspect and possibly scripted. Just under 8 years working with no blemish on record and having keen personal interest in DIY. Worked on the floor,desk tills etc. Started work in 2007 on 9.06 EUR/hr left in 2016 on 9.25EUR/hr. You will be systematically referred to as colleagues that are 'experts' in the field. You are required to act as an expert and advise customers on products from an 'experts'' point of view some of which are quite expensive with cursory or in the most part zero training. Hoodwinking customers is the general order of the day because trust me working for 9EUR an hour with no bonus and no reasonable chance of a raise does not attract the employ of ''experts'' but it does attract needy students like myself at the time. With nearly 8 years experience working in this company I can hand-on heart not recommend this place as a long term place of employment nor as a place for quality honest service with great value.IF advice and piece of mind is required be sure to at least consult the internet or a reputable DIY store that can offer honest practical advice prior to purchasing. I will stand by any of these comments and will reply if needed to any perspective customer or job seeker looking at Woodies DIY as a possible employer.Main tip ....work there for as long as it suits you...don't kill yourself because
Prosstaff discount, some great people
ConsHead office apathy towards workers. treatment of staff. Decieving customers
Retail Sales Associate | Dublin, County Dublin | 3 Mar 2014
Very informative workplace but also strenuous and stressful at times.
A typical day working in Woodies DIY would consist of helping customers with any queries they may have, unpacking and organizing stock, taking sales on tills, general upkeep of the store etc. I learned a lot from working in Woodies DIY, mostly things related to DIY such as the different kinds of paint, different kinds of light bulbs, putting flat-packed furniture together etc. I got along with everybody including management, my co-workers, the customers. I feel I gained a lot of experience in dealing with customers and any concerns or problems they may have. The hardest part of the job was having to deal with the angry customers that I inevitably came across on a daily basis. However, once I kept a smile on my face, was polite and courteous, and did everything I could to remedy whatever the problem was the issue would be soon resolved. The most enjoyable part of the job was learning new skills relating to DIY which I can put into practice in my own home and give other people advice on.
ProsOccasionally customers would give you small tips for helping them to their car with their shopping.
ConsOccasional long hours and strenuous work.
Sales Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 5 Sept 2018
Poor pay & a badly ran company
Woodies pay minimum wage without any possibility of this ever rising more than a couple of cents for the vast majority of employees. What this ultimately means is that they struggle to find adequately qualified staff who are capable of selling the products that they stock. Also as they do not provide full time contracts, for the most part all they can manage to employ is teenagers looking for a weekend job to get them through school or college. For someone looking for this kind of employment, its not a bad place to work. Furthermore, despite the low rate of pay, they are constantly understaffed & expect the staff they do have to undertake multiple, unachievable tasks. Overall, the company is a dis organised mess with an out of touch leadership & management team with notions of grandeur.
ProsSociable hours. Double time on weekends
ConsPay, management
Clerk | Dublin, County Dublin | 3 Oct 2013
great environment
the staff in Woodies DIY made it fun to work there.it was difficult sometimes to improve yourself in the workplace as they wouldn't give you much opportunities to develop. some of the employees higher in the company wouldn't appreciate anything that the other employees would do example work extra days, extra hour or come in early do get objectives completed. I enjoyed doing my job and meeting new people but I didn't like being in an office by myself. i liked solving problems ad getting objectives done. i was quite confident in my job and new i was doing it correctly. most of the co-workers in the company where a joy to work with
Prosoff early on a fridday
Conspoor management and poor conditions
Warehouse Worker | Dublin, County Dublin | 4 Jul 2014
Fun workplace
A great place to work on a part time or full time basis. I worked there part time during which time I was attending college. It was fantastic earning experience on a retail level as it is a great way to improve upon communication and social skills. Observing the fluidity and efficiency of the staff during busy days was very impressive, and it was a rewarding feeling to be part of it.
ProsImpressive workforce, fun environment
ConsLacked promotion opportunity
Customer Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 2 Jun 2021
Underpay salary for the amount of work.
It’s an underpay salary for the amount of work you do as a stock staff. Which includes cleaning and lifting heavy stuff majority of the time. Would definitely recommend Woodies to hire a cleaning team that would look after dusting and cleaning the whole shop including garden area (broom). Otherwise you could be asked to brush the whole garden will take you about 30/45mins of just brushing.
ProsGood management
ConsUnderpay salary
Replenishment Associate | Dublin, County Dublin | 22 Feb 2022
Nice place to work
Very relaxed good place for someone to gain experience in retail and can work their way up.It is a much better retailer to work for.Dunnes, lidl and SuperValu are nightmares and there is more benefits working for woodies. You get paid for sick leave after a year ,you get employee discounts in many shops and the company cares about their staff mental health etc
ProsGood staff discount
ConsYou have to learn about a lot of products
Sales Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 20 Dec 2021
Productive workplace nice staff
Great managers very helpful friendly and flexible Pay not great but grand for those studying looking for a bit of part time pay or those looking to gain customer service experience If DIY is your thing you would enjoy it. Hours capped at 39hrs a week which was my only reason for leaving.
ProsNice people very flexible management very encouraging
ConsPay could be better
Cashier/Sales | Dublin, County Dublin | 4 Dec 2022
Terrible place to work. If you are a part time student get used to doing every weekend and all the later shifts. Very strict management and a bad athmosphere with other staff members. Worked there for 3 years and my mental health has never been this bad. Only benefit is the pay but in my opinion it really is not worth it for the amount of work you have to do.
Sales Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 28 Jan 2014
friendly atmosphere between co-workers, horrible management
Overall decent place to work. Co-workers easy to get along with, decent hours. Poor wages and management is dreadful-would treat younger staff like school children, very disrespectful.
Prosdecent hours, friendly atmosphere between co-workers, good location
Consmanagement, poor wages

Questions and answers about Woodie's DIY

How are the working hours at Woodie's DIY?
Asked 14 Jan 2018
The hours good only 1 late night a week and work every second weekend
Answered 2 Jan 2020
The hours are good
Answered 29 Aug 2018
What questions did they ask during your interview at Woodie's DIY?
Asked 29 May 2017
Depends on the profile
Answered 28 Feb 2023
Things about your values
Answered 26 Jan 2023
What is a typical day like for you at the company?
Asked 16 Jan 2023
Very productive
Answered 15 Mar 2023
Answered 13 Mar 2023
How often do pay rises occur at Woodie's DIY?
Asked 5 Dec 2022
Answered 20 Mar 2023
Answered 12 Dec 2022
What is the promotion process like at Woodie's DIY?
Asked 29 Nov 2022
Only if there is a vacancy
Answered 7 Feb 2023
There wasn't any. The team leads were very unsupportive, judgemental and horrible to work for.
Answered 11 Jan 2023