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Garden Associate | Sallynoggin, County Dublin | 18 Sept 2017
Varied and interesting, learnt loads
Woodies was a great place to work. When I started first the team showed me the ropes in all the different departments. I worked in all these area’s so the job was very varied and interesting. We all worked hard but we still had time for a laugh. I worked full time 5 days a week for 3/12. The shifts were long, most days I worked 8am – 9pm, a shorter day consisted of 9am – 6pm. At the start of each day we got the store ready, which consisted of putting garden furniture at the front of the shop, stocking shelves, sweeping floors, watering plants, moving, packing and unpacking boxes. Each day we were allocated a department to work in for the morning, afternoon and then evening which meant you never got bored. As customers came in I offered my services and advise if needed to help choose the product. For example, in the paint department I directed the customer to the different brands of paint and color charts, advised them of the price and quality and once they had decided which color they wanted I would then make up the paint according to the manufacturer’s directions and mix it on the machine. Depending on the department you were working in there was always particular jobs that had to be done for example, in the horticulture department, I had to water the plants regularly throughout the day as it was very hot to avoid drying out and plants dying. Stocking and tidying up was carried out throughout the day. As closing time approached the garden furniture was brought into
ProsProximity to my home, local
ConsStanding on your feet for long hours
Sales Assistant | Swords, County Dublin | 18 Jan 2016
Fast paced and friendly work place.
A typical day at Woodies begins with a team briefing in the morning where the manager sets out the targets for the day ahead, states what must be completed throughout the day and assigns employees tasks. After this point I walk over to my section (the party zone) to check for balloon orders and respond accordingly. I then proceed to count my till and enter the float.I serve and assist customers throughout the day and at quiet times I will tidy on the shop floor within view of the checkouts so I can tend to customers when needed. I am sometimes asked to display new stock or complete price audits. I have learned a lot over my nine months of working in this position. I have learned that it is important to enjoy what you do, that it is important to have knowledge of the stock your company is selling, it is important to be helpful, friendly and to engage with customers wherever possible. Management in this particular store consists of a manager, assistant manager, trainee manager and supervisor as well as senior staff who are in a superior position. The management are accommodating, helpful and laid back. They demand high standards of work and respect and when these are adhered to it is mutually beneficial. My co-workers in Woodies were my favourite aspect of this job. The vast majority of the staff were under thirty which led to a great rapport and sense of communit
ProsFriendly co-workers
ConsMinimum Wage
Floor Staff | Dublin, County Dublin | 28 Apr 2016
Brief discouraging but honest review of Woodies after 8 years employment.
Worked in Woodies DIY for 8 years through undergraduate and post-grad years. Really would not have bothered reviewing but I found the available reviews quite suspect and possibly scripted. Just under 8 years working with no blemish on record and having keen personal interest in DIY. Worked on the floor,desk tills etc. Started work in 2007 on 9.06 EUR/hr left in 2016 on 9.25EUR/hr. You will be systematically referred to as colleagues that are 'experts' in the field. You are required to act as an expert and advise customers on products from an 'experts'' point of view some of which are quite expensive with cursory or in the most part zero training. Hoodwinking customers is the general order of the day because trust me working for 9EUR an hour with no bonus and no reasonable chance of a raise does not attract the employ of ''experts'' but it does attract needy students like myself at the time. With nearly 8 years experience working in this company I can hand-on heart not recommend this place as a long term place of employment nor as a place for quality honest service with great value.IF advice and piece of mind is required be sure to at least consult the internet or a reputable DIY store that can offer honest practical advice prior to purchasing. I will stand by any of these comments and will reply if needed to any perspective customer or job seeker looking at Woodies DIY as a possible employer.Main tip ....work there for as long as it suits you...don't kill yourself because
Prosstaff discount, some great people
ConsHead office apathy towards workers. treatment of staff. Decieving customers
Retail Sales Associate | Dublin, County Dublin | 3 Mar 2014
Very informative workplace but also strenuous and stressful at times.
A typical day working in Woodies DIY would consist of helping customers with any queries they may have, unpacking and organizing stock, taking sales on tills, general upkeep of the store etc. I learned a lot from working in Woodies DIY, mostly things related to DIY such as the different kinds of paint, different kinds of light bulbs, putting flat-packed furniture together etc. I got along with everybody including management, my co-workers, the customers. I feel I gained a lot of experience in dealing with customers and any concerns or problems they may have. The hardest part of the job was having to deal with the angry customers that I inevitably came across on a daily basis. However, once I kept a smile on my face, was polite and courteous, and did everything I could to remedy whatever the problem was the issue would be soon resolved. The most enjoyable part of the job was learning new skills relating to DIY which I can put into practice in my own home and give other people advice on.
ProsOccasionally customers would give you small tips for helping them to their car with their shopping.
ConsOccasional long hours and strenuous work.
Store Manager | North Dublin, County Dublin | 8 Aug 2012
Knowing how much i was relied on and respected by management and staff
As the store supervisor i was responsible for the smooth running of tasks assigned to staff on daily basis,giving my help whenever needed.It was my responsibility to make sure that the shop floor was covered with enough staff daily to ensure customers received the best service while shopping,and also to cover orders needed to be merchandised on shop floor.I had a great relationship with staff as I always listened and sorted to the best of my ability and issues they had regarding rotas and time off etc,and I constantly organised nights out as I feel it is important to be able to separate the two work and socializing .The hardest part of my role I found was the customer who was never satisfied no matter how hard you tried to assist them but luckily they were few and far between. I enjoyed every aspect of my job I arrived every morning happy, and left every evening looking forward to the next day ,as each day was different and I was always ready to face a new day.
Proshappy environment always listened to and staff sales
Consworking late evenings
Sales Assistant | Sandyford, County Dublin | 12 Apr 2014
working for Woodies DIY was great and fun
I started working at Woodies DIY as a part time sales assistant. Work was great. I started from till operations, to assistance in garden center with plants, balloon bar and home-style department where I did most. Eventually I was setting up displays and ordering stock , and also I was lucky one to go on a shop refits with interior design managers also to other stores in the country. Co workers were lovely and there was always good atmosphere at work, managers were always helpful and guiding just as well as supportive. In fairness there was never the area or task to describe as hardest part of the job. The most enjoyable then again was and also fun a stock taking.. well yes a tricky one but I liked it. Working there I was very happy, and I learned there is never too small or too big job uneasy to handle...you can do everything,,just when you want it. I started my employment there with smile, and every time I visit...that smile is still there.
ProsChristmas hamper
Shop Assistant | Galway, County Galway | 6 Aug 2020
Job appeal depends on the person.
Work is manageable, colleagues lovely and customers nice. Will be well trained and if doing something unsafe or giving the wrong info, most colleagues will help and correct in encouraging manner. Good work/life balance. Bias at times to certain staff and work can go underappreciated. Poor attitude from long-time staff to certain staff seems to be brushed off at times. Mostly positive time there.
ProsColleagues are eager and willing to help, Management know their craft and willing to help, Positive environment more often than not, Sections well laid out which make it easier for new staff to find what they need
ConsNot paid enough for skills and knowledge required to do job well, Bias towards certain staff can lead to frustration amongst colleagues, Old-fashioned mindset amongst long-term staff can make certain colleagues feel very out of place
Sales Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 5 Sept 2018
Poor pay & a badly ran company
Woodies pay minimum wage without any possibility of this ever rising more than a couple of cents for the vast majority of employees. What this ultimately means is that they struggle to find adequately qualified staff who are capable of selling the products that they stock. Also as they do not provide full time contracts, for the most part all they can manage to employ is teenagers looking for a weekend job to get them through school or college. For someone looking for this kind of employment, its not a bad place to work. Furthermore, despite the low rate of pay, they are constantly understaffed & expect the staff they do have to undertake multiple, unachievable tasks. Overall, the company is a dis organised mess with an out of touch leadership & management team with notions of grandeur.
ProsSociable hours. Double time on weekends
ConsPay, management
Sales Assistant | Coolock, County Dublin | 18 Nov 2021
Terrible company to work for
Overall worst experience out of all my jobs. Not a company you can have a career in. Management are terrible and expect you to work to the bone for such little pay and throw you an odd just eat voucher to make up for it. It started off great but bad management drags the whole shop down! Headsets are used to scold staff and not help colleagues with queries something that needs to be reviewed by HR! Managers are too personal as well and do not act as professionally as they should. When you leave you are thrown to the door with no thanks or appreciation for the work you did. Management also take holiday pay out of your requested days off without telling you. There are also certain parts of the year where you lose hours.
ProsJust eat vouchers
ConsEverything else
Clerk | Dublin, County Dublin | 3 Oct 2013
great environment
the staff in Woodies DIY made it fun to work there.it was difficult sometimes to improve yourself in the workplace as they wouldn't give you much opportunities to develop. some of the employees higher in the company wouldn't appreciate anything that the other employees would do example work extra days, extra hour or come in early do get objectives completed. I enjoyed doing my job and meeting new people but I didn't like being in an office by myself. i liked solving problems ad getting objectives done. i was quite confident in my job and new i was doing it correctly. most of the co-workers in the company where a joy to work with
Prosoff early on a fridday
Conspoor management and poor conditions
Assistant Manager | Dublin, CA | 13 Nov 2018
was a great company to work for 5 years ago
Was a great company to work for. For part time workers if fine if you never want a weekend off to get one 3 weeks notice, full time people are overworked and underpaid a full time "trained expert" get .10c above min wage at the most. team leader what can i say about that very underpaid and way overworked just don't even bother. insidious hateful company that smiles and pretends to be your BFF. I've seen it many times where a customer complaint comes and the company will never back up the staff member always the customer's, the reason "customers don't take the time just to write a letter for no reason" ok some time ya it's easier just to say yes but the member of staff is reprimanded in everytime. it's not just one shop, culture of the company. Staff turnover is very high. Also woodies is one of "the great place to work ireland 2017" management were pressured into making sure staff answer the questions positively. the staff budget is increased the deliveries are decreased and cake and sweets are brought in leading up to it.
Prosnone anymore
Constoo many now

Questions and answers about Woodie's DIY

How are the working hours at Woodie's DIY?
Asked 14 Jan 2018
The hours good only 1 late night a week and work every second weekend
Answered 2 Jan 2020
The hours are good
Answered 29 Aug 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Woodie's DIY a better place to work?
Asked 14 Jan 2022
Provide more training
Answered 16 Jan 2022
Give a fair salary to all staff
Answered 14 Jan 2022
On average, how many hours do you work a day at Woodie's DIY?
Asked 9 Jul 2021
9 hours a day is the usual
Answered 22 Oct 2021
9 with two brakes (1 hour and 15 minutes)
Answered 9 Jul 2021
How did you get your first interview at Woodie's DIY?
Asked 8 May 2021
Indeed job site
Answered 11 May 2021
Indeed job site
Answered 8 May 2021
Can you work par time at woodies
Asked 18 Sept 2020
Yes but only weekends
Answered 30 Sept 2021
Yes you can. You get part time contract but you can work 39 hours if you want
Answered 9 Jul 2021