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Team Member | Dublin, County Dublin | 3 Mar 2019
Excellent Company to work with - The Best I have experienced
I have been an employee of Therapie Clinic for seven years now. From the very first day I started to the present the support the company gives to each and every member of the team is unbelievable. Internal promotion is definitely encouraged and each and every member of the team has the same opportunity to apply and grow their skill sets. Therapie Clinic identify the teams goals for their future. They listen and take on board feedback and most important they strive to encourage each member of the team to grow whether it’s in their current position or if each member of the team wishes to work in a different area with the business. Education is most important for which Therapie Clinic are masters at. They have their own training team which provide fantastic courses and the clinics themselves provide ongoing education. Each new member who joins the team receives full training and a well planned induction plan to ensure they start off their first day with a huge welcome and encouragement and support. You are definitely NOT treated like a number on a spreadsheet you become a member of the therapie family from the day you accept a position with Therapie Clinic. If you a serious about a career I would definitely recommend Therapie Clinic - If it’s a career you seek Therapie Clinic is the company for you. Yes I love my job why wouldn’t I - What you out in you get out - it’s that simple
ProsToo many to name other than what I have already mentioned
Production Coordinator | Dublin, County Dublin | 22 Sept 2020
Positive, energetic place to work
I was hired as a Clinic Co-Ordinator over a month ago now and I have nothing but great things to say about being an employee at Therapie. The ambiance in the Therapie Head-Quarters is fun, friendly, enthusiastic and above all, exceptionally supportive. The job is by far one of the most intense, fast paced jobs I have had but it is equally the most team orientated. Regardless of your time working there, everyone is willing to help, and although it may be challenging, your success and growth in the role is truly acknowledged by management. The supervisors and management team make a conscious effort to have feedback sessions and progress meetings, and are overall incredibly approachable which in turn, motivates myself as a colleague to be the best I can be at my job. They are quick to notice your strengths and will do everything to ensure you are working to compliment them. They also place a huge emphasis on education, additional training career progression which is something very important to me when choosing who I want to work for. This highlights the business is focused on providing clients with 5 star information and customer service and also providing staff members with self actualisation. Overall, my experience so far at Therapie has been nothing but positive and I am excited to see what my future with the Company holds.
ProsTeam Players!
Recruiter | Dublin, County Dublin | 26 Aug 2021
Exciting and Rewarding
Before I interviewed at Thérapie Tech, I had no real knowledge of the company beyond the Laser side of the business, and certainly had no idea of the Tech element. I initially accepted an interview to use as interview practice, but as soon as I interviewed with members of the Tech team, I was incredibly impressed, and immediately wanted to work here. It was the first place I interviewed, they were quick to move through the process, with no hassle - a great experience as a candidate - and then make an offer. I continued on in other interview processes and had a number of offers to consider, but I only continued on in them to make sure that Thérapie Tech was the offer I wanted to accept, as all through the process, it became clear I knew it was where I wanted to join. With every new start, you are always going to have some sort of apprehension and naturally I did. But since starting recently, I have loved it - and I really mean that. Previously I was in a role where I dreaded working and would wake up feeling anxious, and thankfully since starting in Thérapie Tech, I look forward to starting my morning and love working here. I feel inspired again, passion about the work I do and am empowered to make my own decisions.
ConsNone so far!
Recruiter | Dublin, County Dublin | 6 Dec 2018
Excellent working culture, great pay, really cared for
From the moment I was offered a job at Therapie Clinic I felt cared for and valued as both a person and an employee. Training was smooth and there was never a question too stupid to ask. Everyone in Therapie is very open and honest about everything and will always be willing to help out. There is not a person in the company that doesn't work hard or doesn't enjoy being a part of the team. The team is excellent, efficient and effective in accomplishing a monumental amount of work on a regular basis. Often it doesn't feel like work, it feels like a massive family coming together to accomplish tasks. This is the most rewarding job I have ever had and I am happy to come in everyday and see everyone. There are tonnes of opportunities to grow and develop which the company encourages every moment they get. They really care about their staff and want to see them all happy which is the biggest strength it has. I love working here and I hope to do so for a very long time
ProsPerks, environment, feeling valued, rewarding work
Clinic Coordinator | Ireland | 19 May 2023
Negative toxic work environment
I worked with this company for a few years, I stayed because I felt bad for my colleagues and the pressure they would be put under as there is such a high staff turnover. It is expected of all new(first 3 years+) that you will work any day over a 7 day roster. You have to always be available to cover absences of which there are many. Zero "perks" worth mentioning.No over time pay, no extra pay to working Sundays, no sick pay. No subsidised parking. The only perks are discounted beauty treatments only because they want you to sell more and more. Pressure on sales is immense. Sales at all costs..integrity goes out the window once you become an employee. They promote the idea that there's great room for growth within the company but that's only because of the massive staff turnover. Management are NOT trained. None have level 7/8 qualifications. Whoever can spout off the robotic, cult like sayings like "smash them sales" etc etc will become manager.
ProsPay wasn't bad after a few years
ConsWhere do I start!
Scheduler | Dublin, County Dublin | 11 Oct 2022
Fun place to work with friendly people!
Working on a new project within the HR Team. We are currently doing in the process to taking staff rosters from clinic managers and doing them internally from the HR team. Its great been able to put my own stamp on some of these new processes and am learning some new aspects of the job each day. A typical day is Morning Team meeting (Mon & Fri only), Scheduling meetings with clinic and area managers, planning out the process and agenda for each call, agreeing an outcome and live date for the project to be implemented in each location on this call. Management is approachable and supportive. Hardest part of the job is getting buy in from clinics on the benefits of doing this, and with very little data to work with, seeing trends and doing staffing forecasts and requirements. The team I work with are very friendly and extremely helpful and have made me feel very welcome. Some Fridays, there are staff events on the roof terrace which are also enjoyable.
Assistant Manager | Waterford, County Waterford | 29 May 2019
Amazing place to work
Since starting in Therapie Waterford I’ve gained so much experience and amazing training in laser hair removal & advanced skin treatments. Within my first year of working for the company I worked really hard and was keen to show my interest in the company and building a loyal client base (which is my favourite part of my job). Getting to know my clients and helping them to achieve their desired results. I was promoted from senior therapist to assistant manager, proving that when you work hard it is noticed and recongised even in such a massive company, your more than just another number as a Therapie employee but part of a family. 💜 The girls which I work directly with on a day to day basis are amazing, we work as a team and can all lean on each other for support. The support from my manager is fantastic, she is very easy to approach and always there to help all of us.
ProsGreat benefits, amazing training team, excellent work/life balance.
Manager | Dublin, County Dublin | 7 Dec 2018
Working With Therapie Clinic
I have been apart of the Therapie Family for over 5 years now and WOW how time flies when you are having fun. From the moment I walk through the door until the time I leave I spend my day laughing & having fun!. There is such an electric energy and positive vibe that is simply infectious! Therapie is the type of company where everyone knows your name! From the CEO , the managing Director, managers etc all members of the Therapie Family are always there to offer support and make your day as enjoyable as possible. There are many great staff incentives, bonus structures and always opportunities to grow within the company. I personally have been a Therapist , worked in the call centre & I am now a manager. Therapie have always supported me and encouraged me to find my Ideal role. Therapie Clinic is the kind of place were friends become your family!
ProsFun energetic place to work
Consnone to date
Fantastic place to work!
I started in Therapie in 2019 as laser specialist and I have worked myself up to Laser liaison officer and consultant. The progression in the company is so motivating as the hard work really pays off! You really do get what you put in. Working for an Irish family run business is also very refreshing. The clinic is very fast paced which make the long days go by quick. The positive atmosphere in the clinic is great and all staff are so friendly. The staff work well as a team and always help each other out and new staff are always welcomed and supported. The management is also really encouraging and supportive. The training is very efficient in therapie which is absolutely amazing and any new ideas are always appreciated. You definitely get lots of training and experience in therapie. I love my job and look forward to spending my career in therapie!
Skin Specialist | Dublin, County Dublin | 14 Nov 2018
Join the most dynamic prigression company in the industry.
It has been a pleasure to be part of the therapie family for 17 years. I am a skin specialist now but have worked in every roll along the way. To watch this diverse ,fun and energetic company expand is a dream unfold over 2 decades. Every day is different.l have had the pleasure of working with the most dynamic and fun team and met so many wonderfull people on my journey. Therapie now has it's own amazing training team to develop all your skills as a therapist and give wonderfull support along the way. If yoy love what you do you will never feel like you have to work a day in your life. I now have children so the flexabilty is wonderfull for life balance. If you are looking for opertuinty in a fun environment this is it. I love what l do and am very passionate about what l do.
ProsDiverse fun energetic opertunity
Front of House Manager | Dublin, CA | 14 Oct 2020
Therapie Clinic - Fun Workplace !! 5 stars *****
Ive been working in Therapie Clinic now for the past 3 years and its honestly been the most exciting 3 years of my life working with this company. I first started off as a client all them years ago. I still remember coming into the Molesworth Street clinic for the first time for my skin consultation. I was greeted with a warm smile the minute I entered the building. I was offered a complimentary coffee and I was brought over a consultation form to be filled out which the girl at the front desk explained in detail how to complete it. From day one I fell in love with that company. I loved everything about it. The atmosphere, the interior, the staff, the treatments just to name a few. Fast forward 3 years and I still have the same love for the company if not more. When I first started in Therapie Clinic, the training they provided me was second to none. They literally sent me on every training day they possible could have. I got to meet so many amazing people, gained experience in treatments and products but most importantly, I gained so much confidence from all the knowledge that I had now. Ive been working in the flagship store for years now and Its been my favourite place to work. There is so many staff and all of us are a family in there. I wouldnt change anything about it. Honestly, when I come to work, I just have the best laugh ever. The atmosphere in Molesworth street is electric and fun. We are all about providing a fun and safe environment for all our staff and
ProsGreat working hours, discounts, social fun nights out
Recruiter | London | 10 Dec 2018
The most supportive and lovely work place anyone could ask for
Joining Therapie has been one of the most rewarding and perfect decisions I have ever made in my professional life. The company really prides itself on providing the most care to both clients and staff alike. All input is valued and taken into consideration as the company is always striving to improve itself, working here never actually feels like work. It feels like a passion that we all share and are working together as a team to grow constantly. The work culture is fantastic, there is no question that is too stupid to ask and everyone is always willing to help out no matter what. As Cliche as it sounds it does feel like a family as absolutely everyone gets along great and no one is left out. The work itself is plentiful but very rewarding all the same. Everyday I walk into work happy to start my day as it does feel like we are making a real positive difference to people's lives. The CEO and all Senior/management staff always make time for absolutely everyone despite their very busy work days because they genuinely do care and Therapie is fantastic at finding the perfect people for those roles. The opportunities to grow and learn are amazing, there is always an avenue to go down to improve yourself professionally and even personally. I know since working here I have become far more confident in my abilities and it's such a great feeling to be built up and believed in by your employer. It makes the world of difference to my day and I cherish that. Promoting in
ProsGreat Location, Great pay, Amazing staff. Supportive Management. Rewarding work. Excellent work culture
Therapist | Belfast | 1 Feb 2022
Monthly payments ALWAYS LATE! You will be treated as a machine not as a person!
Absolutely love clients, this was my dream job. But it turned to nightmare. Every day before going to work was thinking about the excuses, but still worked as have family to feed. Monthly payments always incorrect! Commissions paid if you check them and ask to be sent to payroll department. Management not doing what supposed to be done! Promises given, but never unfulfilled! You will be only lasering, as they are looking laser specialist nit beauty therapist, they can upsell you all! You will have from 14 to 20 clients a day to do laser only!!! Clients are treated like animals as always in the hurry to finish the treatment even knowing that treatment can be unpleasant at some points and treated areas. This place need a good health and safety inspection as nothing has been done at high standards as said!!! Your back and neck will be sore after week and this will not change. The sound from the laser machines as so loud, that you come back home and all you need is quiet place to be with no sound after 12 hours sometimes. Clinic works 7 days a week! 8am-6pm Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday. People are changing in the clinic as no one lasts. There is no parking for the car so you will spend extra every day for parking in Belfast city center. Avoid!
ProsSome expenses can be paid if you lucky!! Girls are extremely lovely who work there, and happy to help.
ConsAlmost everything. Absolutely disappointed
Consultant | South West | 11 Jul 2023
Great Atmosphere, Progression by Luck.
I have been at Thérapie for 2 years and progressed from laser specialist to consultant/clinic coordinators. The hours are longer however in my experience with the days you work (3/4 days) it works out not so bad. Management where I am have been amazing and always supporting you in where you want to go & want to do. Commission is good when you get the conversion & is nice ontop of your paycheck for therapists and also for consultants. Always ongoing training opportunities and updates on any new treatments! I find the downfall lies with ideas not being taken seriously by higher management. Including the lack of roles within the clinics (supervisors being removed, lack of senior therapists/head therapists) I have been eager and ready to progress for 1.5 years and when the opportunity arose I got told the role is no longer. Very disheartening when I currently practically do the role (as I was told to show I can do it) for less pay … As a mainly woman based company who also specialises in fertility you would also expect some enhanced maternity pay but that is not an option regardless of time of service which is also disappointing. Some areas for improvement and for higher management to show some more compassion and appreciate and support the clinic managers and staff more. Overall I am really enjoying my time at Therapie, I am just hoping for some
Beautician | London | 22 Oct 2022
The most mentally draining job ever.
i have been at Therapie for almost a year now and I honestly can not wait to leave this place. what I thought would've been my dream job turned out to be the most mentally draining job ever. You are not a beauty therapist in this company, you are a saleswoman and a robot. The company has no care for client needs or treatment progress all they care about is making money. They don't care if you do your treatments correctly but as long as you're making them thousands of ££ then they're happy. A lot of therapists I have shadowed have done such poor jobs doing treatments but because they hit sales targets, management does not care. Most of management don't even know a thing about beauty treatments and google most stuff. if you actually have a passion for beauty, clients and being the best therapist you can be then PLEASE apply elsewhere. I work part time (2-3 days) and I still feel so mentally and physically drained on my days off. working 12 hours from 9am-9pm, it literally sucks the life out of me. if i didn't have struggles with bills etc. and the most AMAZING clients i would have left after 3 months of joining this company.
Proslovely clients and girls on team are lovely
Conslong hours, no respect or care
Clinic Manager | London | 14 Nov 2018
6.5yrs with Therapie Clinic and love it as much as day 1
I have worked in many departments within Therapie throughout the past few years and each one I have learned so much. The progression is so fast if you work hard. When you love what you do working hard just feels like a hobby so effectively you get to progress in your career by Woking in something you love getting out of bed for. The company is family owned and the M.D. and CEO work tirelessly for the progression of their business and staff. It’s nice to work with a company who works along side you and really gets to know their staff. The colleuges I’ve had have become friends so the social culture is a lot of fun. The technology is world class so you get to be proud of what the company provides and products they offer. The clinics are state of the art so you are surrounded by a beautiful environment every day. There are weekly targets for staff therefore weekly bonus’s on top of salary. Product incentives from the suppliers are also great. All in all - Therapie Clinic is just a great place to work. I can honestly say in over 6.5 years I have never once not wanted to go into work on any day which is the dream really!

Questions and answers about Therapie Clinic

How are the working hours at Therapie Clinic?
Asked 14 Sept 2018
They are fair. You will always work Saturdays but it's the nature of the business as we are always open on a Saturday. There are late and early shifts which rotate between staff members.
Answered 6 Mar 2019
Long and hard
Answered 12 Dec 2018
It says that Therapie clinic is open until 8pm every evening except Saturdays.. would u be working everyday 9-8pm or is it changed around ?
Asked 22 Aug 2018
It is changed around depending on your arrangements with a manager. It is shift work
Answered 15 Apr 2019
I work 9am-5.30pm every Monday to Friday. Other people work shift work so will not be working the full 9am-8pm.
Answered 4 Dec 2018
What are the holiday hours in Therapie?
Asked 15 Jan 2018
Most clinics close 25th to 1st, using 3days holidays as other days are bank hols. 20days holidays a yr, extra holidays given for big birthdays or wedding
Answered 14 Nov 2018
Great . You get extra days over time.
Answered 14 Nov 2018
Why would you want to work at Therapie Clinic?
Asked 5 Oct 2017
It is such an amazing work place where you can learn so many new skills and information.
Answered 7 Feb 2019
Because of the great team work and amazing girls I work with
Answered 21 Nov 2018
What is the promotion process like at Therapie Clinic?
Asked 22 Nov 2022
at the moment there's none
Answered 29 Mar 2023
only if you’re good at sales
Answered 21 Jan 2023