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Server | Port Laoise, County Laois | 19 Jul 2019
Worst place on the planet to work
Absolutely terrible place to work. Managers could care less about there staff. Some managers spoke to you as if you were completely stupid. Pure favoritism towards other members of staff. I found that if you had a really outgoing and fun sense of humor you got on well with the managers which led to that member not doing the jobs they were assigned which then led to other staff complaints and managers not listening. NEVER AGREE TO NIGHT SHIFT. Working full time night shift is the worst thing you could ever do. Long shifts, on Saturdays we would do 12 hours with a 1 hour break broken into 3 so it would be a half hour lunch and two 15 min breaks throughout the night. Have to clean and prepare absolutely everything for morning staff, all they basically do is come in, turn everything on and serve. Completely take advantage of young people, some managers were afraid to say things to other managers because they knew it would cause a problem so they kept quiet to avoid an issue, way to many hours, you get trained (ish) on nearly everything so they can uses you to do multiple jobs at once. Unfair wages, if you want better pay you have to demand it, no raise if you’re there longer than others. One person that worked there for 30+ years was on the same wage for all of it whilst people who were there for 3 years were earning much, much more. They also leave night shift extremely short staffed on some of the busiest nights of the year, so we end up staying an extra hour or more to clean e
ProsGreat staff, life long friends made
ConsAbsolutely everything, terrible wage, unfair treatment, extremely long hours, over worked, under appreciated, terrible management
Assistant | Navan, County Meath | 25 Nov 2019
An absolute joke of a job. No training and a pathetic excuse for managment
I only got a job cayuse they needed an employee, I lasted three days. I typical day at work is to be expected to multitask everything on your second day and be blamed for customer complaints even though you were only giving the tray out to them. There I absolutely no training and its the perfect job for you if you want to be bullied, pushed around and treated like a piece of meat. I was about to get let go on my second day after many mistakes were made by the whole of the business on a Saturday afternoon. Costumers were rightfully annoyed on the wait of their food. The day was hectic. after receiving no training and cleaning up everyones mess I was told I needed to "Step up". I went in the next day which was worse. I had a set of question to improve my work completely ignored by the manager (who ignored me the whole day). I still had no practical training and the assistant manager came in and spoke to me like garbage and I was given no break when I was promised I would. They gave me many jobs to do at once (deliberately making it hard) and told me I did "nothing" and eventually I left the job and went home. When clearly, I knew I didn't do nothing, they knew I didn't do nothing and the manager didn't even have the guts to let me go or talk to me. I learned that the food industry isn't for me and not to return to a job that I couldn't trust. The workplace culture was stressful. They made it hard on themselves as much as they did on the customers. The hardest past o
ProsFree lunches.
Senior Staff | County Cork | 21 Feb 2019
Treated like rubbish and taken for granted
I gave the company so much of my time and effort, but I was taken advantage of and 'messed around'. My attempts to advance were not taken seriously. Every time I approached management about it, it was pushed out with some new excuse. Even when it came to my pay, it was not taken seriously. Managers didn't even know if they had given me a raise or not. Watching others be approached about raises despite working there half the time I did was disheartening, and I did not appreciate my own pay being treated so flippantly. There was blatant favoritism, where some employees were treated differently to others. We were expected to be at the constant beck and call of the manager, who would act annoyed towards us if we couldn't cover a shift last-minute. That said, the store manager was very accommodating when it came to requests or complaints. Despite having training in all for the stations, I was denied official training qualifications (my safety training for each station being signed off on) whilst it was simply 'handed' to others. My colleagues were the only thing that made the job half bearable. buses made the job exceptionally difficult. The managers' solution to predictably large crowds was to simply start shouting at staff for not being at their station, despite the staff covering that station due to short-staffing. Staff don't even get free lunch or even a decent discount. Staff food is €8.50 per day. 25c per hour is taken out of your pay for 'staff food'. With the
ProsWorked with some very nice people
ConsFinishes until 2:30am, pay not taken seriously, favouritism
Trainee Manager | Port Laoise, County Laois | 4 Jun 2022
Unprofessional, stressful.
So after the big speeches of how great supermacs is and how fairly they reward hard work, reality slaps you, management is made up from a bunch of psychopaths, they rude and mean, disrespectful, talking to people degrading, they literally try to humiliate whoever they can, complete lack of training, they just throw you in and expect you to know everything, staff teaches staff but since no one trained them obviously they teach each other incorrect or wrong things, management only steps in to give out and make you feel as bad about yourself as possible for something you've never been told about, twisting stuff out and turn it against you, make up stuff you never did, 90% of the time you only talk to managers when they call you in the office to a brainwashing. They literally lying in your face, there are so much controversy that it's impossible to do good, every single manager claims that thier way is the "proper" right way but if you do like that the next manager will give out and make you feel bad about yourself for not doing his/her "proper way" there are 5 or 6 managers so I think anyone can get the idea, it's a mess. The biggest issue of the place are ignorance, arrogance and hypocrisy as it's highest. The only reason that the place is still in business that they could find few people who they can exploit beside children. Only if recommended for a short period if you are at the brink of starvation. Btw staff was great.
General Assistant | Galway, County Galway | 30 Jun 2015
Great place to meet new people.
The typical day in Supermac's for me was clocking in at 5pm and finishing up at about 2/3am depending on how busy it was, and this was five nights a week. First thing I would do is find out where I was allocated for the day be it grill, drive thru' or on service. For the most part I was in charge of Drive Thru' ensuring all food was in the proper bags and given to the correct customers accordingly. I learned so much here at Supermac's, be it confidence when dealing with customers to the strict time management we would have to abide by. I felt like the management were lazy here. In which cases it would end up with staff doing managerial jobs which to me was infuriating and ended up being one of the primary reasons why I left. I believe that efficient delegation is essential when working as part of a team, especially in a busy work environment, both management and staff. The hardest part of the job was trying to finish on time when staff/management didn't care what time they got out at. Most enjoyable part for me was by far the people I met there over the years, most of which are life time friends. Another great opportunity was being able to go to the annual National Ploughing Championships. Just getting a change of scenery can make a difference on ones work ethic.
Consdoing others work as well as your own with little or no appreciation.
Cashier | Ireland | 14 Jan 2016
I work in lot of work places, but this place is a nightmore!!
I couldn't wait until i leave from there, from the beginning i wonted to leave from there! Abusive environment, managers are (not all) make you job so stressful and hard. They give you so much thing to do, i mean for one person. Everyone runing away from there.! i wouldn't recommend to anyone to work there! There is so much similar fast food work places and there they don't use people so much!! now the questions typical day ( 10-12 working hours, lot of night shifts from 18:00- 5.00 to morning, every day the expect from you to do all job that usually do 3 people.! They don't wont to hire more stuff) I learn ( never let anyone abuse you in any way, scream at you, make pressure....)never again! Management (If they have more people it will be better, and they need another approach.) Co-workers ( They was ok, usually atmosphere was a bit tense, because the managers treat us like we are slaves or in the army. So we didn't show our better side so often) !! Hardest part of the job ( Night-shift.. All night clean and taking orders.. and when you finish moree cleaning, until you completely dead! Enjoyable part ( when i pretend everything is ok, to make my self easier because i need be there until i find another job!!) There is no enjoyable part, or if it is, they will ruin it!
ProsIn the end of shift you could take food/ burgers that left
ConsLong shift, pay for food, uniform...
Catering Assistant | Limerick, County Limerick | 12 Mar 2021
stressful environment
they usually give a two weeks training, when you learn to do chores on every station (kitchen, lobby, counter, pizza counter, etc.). you will get training both in theory and in the practice. After that, it's up to a supervisor or a shift manager where you will be assign. In the kitchen, there is a preparation side and a cooking side. Everywhere are the signs with instructions or guidelines, which are easy to follow, if you are new. I came on board with some significant experience, which made my life easier. I ended up working at the counter. Customer service is very important for the company. Sales are money in, satisfaction is happy customer, it means customers come back again. This was piece of cake. you will get paid minimum wage, you will pay for your uniform and lunch weekly. The problem was the management. Every manager had a different point of view, how to manage staff. I was missing consistency. Another thing, the company did not value their staff. I came across with some legal issues. To cover it up, it does change what was happening there. I would not recommend working there.
Store Manager | Kilkenny, County Kilkenny | 14 Dec 2015
Hard Work but totally worth it!!
I started to work part time with Supermac's in 1996 as a team member. At the time, it was money every week to get me through college! I left for a time and returned as a Store Manager in 2009 and have never looked back! There are so many positives.... Supermac's are really a great company to work for... Yes, it's hard work, Yes, the hours can be long but the rewards make it all worth while. I don't mean just monetary rewards.. The people you get to meet and to work with, to laugh with. You form friendships.. I have 2 amazing friends in my life that I met in 1996 through Supermac's. If you do your job well and have a passion for it, then yes, the monetary rewards can be good.. "Passion" being the key word.... You've got to love it! It can be challenging, but if you like challenges and are target driven, you will love it! Another positive is, no day is the same! Everyday you are faced with something new. You will never be alone - There is always someone at the other end of the phone in Head Office. There is a fantastic support network.
ProsDiscounted Lunches, Flexible Working Hours, Support Network, Fun Working Environment
Shop Assistant | Moate, County Westmeath | 17 Feb 2014
Job which keeping people together and happy!
hereby I'd like confirmed that I really enjoying every working day like a member of friendly and highly professional Supermac's team working under very responsible management which gave me a great opportunity to learn everything about fastfood industry and let me know that right communication between customers and team members is very important and have a huge impact for both sides satisfaction and friendly atmosphere.We all are not just co-workers but also friends and we can trust each-other in every situation during the shifts what making me so proud that I am a part of Supermac's team.Sometimes isn't very easy to speak and served to arogant,melicious or under influence of alkohol customers what usually mean stressfull moments for me and my co-workers.Those time to time incidences just spreading bad mood inside the team for a long time.The most enjoyable parts of my job are shining children's eyes,empty trays,satisfied and happy customers!Satisfaction is a secret of my job.
Catering Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 11 Jun 2019
Great place to work
Supermac's was a fun place to work and I made friends for life there. I learned lots of skills working here, such as team work, cash handling, customer service, working under pressure, time management, HACCP, and Manual Handling. It also made me much more aware of how businesses work. They provided full training and are flexible when it comes to working hours, although sometimes rotas were put up at the last minute. They also have a career development programme for employees that want to pursue a career in management. They offer subsidised food, which is a bonus. The management were strict but fair and were able to have a laugh every now and then. My manager organised a birthday cake for me, which was really nice. The only reason I left was to pursue a job in the area I obtained my degree in. Overall, I would definitely recommend Supermac's as a great place to work.
ProsSubsidised meals, great team working environment, opportunity to advance career
ConsSometimes the rotas were put up last minute, can be very busy at times
Team Member | Oyo | 11 Nov 2013
good place to work if you like interacting with customers...
while enjoying working for supermacs it is the interaction with customers I enjoyed the most...yes,you can come across difficult ones but more times than not people can be very nice and it can be great fun asking them about their day that would the most enjoyable part of my job.... I learned how to be able to switch from one aspect of my job to the other and I now realize that working in fast food is quite difficult and stressful at times...there is a lot to do with the preparation of food before it reaches the produce ,keeping stock up to date,breading chicken etc is very important and essential in this line of work... the management unfortunately in this job were not great to be completely honest....letting things slide on occasion and then maybe picking on one person to use as a guinea pig is not the way to manage a company and unfortunately this happened and is happening regularly....the workers have no avenue to go to as there is no union etc and that would need to be recognized and dealt with as there is a massive staff changeover already in its 5 years of this is the hardest part of the job...being made feel that your being treated workers for the most part were very helpful and nice but every place has a couple that don't do their fair share and that's where management should come in....
Prosworking with people on a daily basis
Conspaying for uniforms weekly indefinitely
Pizziole | Ardleigh | 2 Oct 2013
Friendly atmosphere
I would turn on the fans, the oven, move the pizza toppings from the fridge into the workbench, and set up all of the sauces and pizza cutters. Place the rollers and the flour out on the main work bench I date the food and fill in the HACCP log. I check the dough and if it needs to expand a little more, I would place the trays in the kitchen for half an hour. I served customers, taking orders, and proceed to prep and make the pizza. Anything else they have ordered (from Supermac's or Quiznos) would be made while the pizza baked. I cut and box the pizza, bag the rest and fill the drinks then pass them on to the customer. If it ever got busy in Supermac's or Quiznos, I would lend a hand. Occasionally, customers look for ice-cream and I would operate and refill the Ice-cream machine. Come closing time, the toppings and sauces would be moved back into the fridge after filling in the HACCP log for the second time, and the flour is sieved back into it's container to be used again the following day. Trays, pizza cutters, containers and anything else used, would be washed. All worktops were cleaned and sterilized, doors were cleaned and floors were swept and mopped.

Questions and answers about Supermacs

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Supermacs? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 21 Jun 2018
It depends. You would have to apply or hand in a cv and then wait for an interview.
Answered 24 Aug 2021
1 week + 3ish weeks training
Answered 25 May 2021
What is a typical day like for you at Supermacs?
Asked 27 Nov 2022
Answered 19 Jan 2023
Answered 15 Jan 2023
What is the promotion process like at Supermacs?
Asked 15 Nov 2022
Answered 14 Jan 2023
Extremely slow
Answered 24 Nov 2022
How are the working hours at Supermacs?
Asked 27 Sept 2017
Usually an 8 hour shift but never agree to late shift coz it depend on when the cleaning finish and it’s a lot of for they expect you to do for a minimum wage
Answered 14 Jan 2022
Working hours in head office are 9am-6pm.
Answered 23 Sept 2019
How often do you get a pay rise at Supermacs?
Asked 11 Nov 2022
Not often. Once in a blue moon
Answered 23 Nov 2022
Every 1.5 years if lucky.
Answered 20 Nov 2022