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Colorist | Naas, County Kildare | 24 Mar 2015
Motivational and Optimistic workplace
I have been in environments where i have been given set challenges and given targets, i find that i work well under pressure and i enjoy pushing myself to my limits, this to me is a typical work day. I have learned my passion and interest keep me motivated and i will always leave room for improvement. Management is the heart of any successful business, being on time and keeping the staff motivated and positive is vitally important.Also keeping up to date with paperwork and goals. Be a role model to staff. In my opinion communication with my coworkers is one of the most important things, help is always appreciated and working as a team is necessary. Clients notice vibes and if it is positive and warm it will attract them and make them feel comfortable right away. The hardest part of the job can sometimes be competitiveness with other places or counters, but there is definitely nothing wrong with some healthy competition, it keeps me motivated and driven. The most enjoyable part of the job, or industry is sharing my passion and knowledge with clients and connecting with people through the brand, i like to inspire people. Also, getting to create different looks everyday is enjoyable whether its in work or on my down time.
ProsBeing able to work with such amazing products.
ConsWanting all the latest products, it gets expensive. i never regret it though.
Apprentice | Dublin, County Dublin | 2 May 2019
Bad company
I am currently an apprentice at peter mark. When I joined the company a year ago I signed a contract to say they would be paying for my training. Since then the rate of pay for apprentices’ has changed and we were given new contracts to say we had to pay ourselves? The government changed this law to make life better for apprentice hairdressers and them as a company have just brought us back down again?. It’s all about the money. We are all underpaid for the work we do. Don’t forget being on your feet all day, being a slave for lazy stylists, have aching hands at the end of the day from shampooing, not getting proper breaks or lunches , if you don’t physically leave the building on your lunch break forget about getting your full hour! While sitting and eating you’ll be asked to go out and shampoo for someone or “throw a colour on quickly” . promised time back and not getting it . Overall a bad company to work for! The conditions for a trainee will have to improve or there will be no keeping trainees around atall! This isn’t the 70/80s anymore we can’t be treated the way we are in this day and age!
ProsSet hours for routine
ConsBarely a lunch break, change of contract, bad attitude
Salon Coordinator | Ireland | 7 Feb 2019
Never again
A typical day started officially at 9am however you are required to be in salon 30 minutes before this (unpaid time). You would then open the doors, greet customers, take appointments, make tea/ coffee, coordinate staff, take payments, sell retail, fold towels clean etc etc. As salon coordinator you cannot even use the bathroom without someone to cover your position, you would then get a "1 hour" lunch, this could be anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour (rarely) where you would get interrupted asked to take calls help out etc. The only way to avoid this is to leave the building entirely. If your lunch is interrupted you will not get that time back. You would finish up at "6pm" depending on how long the last stylist takes to leave the salon, then comes the cash up. A typical day is 830-630, with 8 hours pay. The same on Saturdays where you are still entitled to an hour lunch but "receptionists only take 30 minutes voluntarily" I never received a 1 hour lunch break on a Saturday in 3 years of working here despite being the first one in last one out every day. And that's not even to mention the 9-9 shifts read 8.30-930. Nightmare
ProsThe other staff
Consso so many
Salon Coordinator | Galway, County Galway | 27 Feb 2019
Fast paced busy environment saloon coordinator
you will be required to be at the salon at half 8 (not paid until 9) to open up. A day to day varies in duties, you will be greeting clients making clients tea or coffee, checking stock, completing orders. You could be required to shampoo clients and take off colour, while managing the desk and clientele coming into the salon. You are legally by law required to get a 15 minute coffee break and a 1 hour lunch break. Good luck I’ve had days where I haven’t eaten until 4 or later, and it’s rarely ever an hour. Any issues you raise to management are brushed under the carpet. Company benefits rarely applied to salons outside of Dublin.
ProsFast paced environment. Staff are like family
ConsLong hours. Disneyland ?
Salon Coordinator | Dublin, County Dublin | 27 Dec 2019
In my opinion
They see most staff especially salon coordinators as totally disposable, the money is ok not great! No paid sick leave or maternity, don’t expect to get a Saturday off if needed, they want you to take a weeks holiday off in order to have Saturdays off.Your expected to go to different salons to work at a drop of a hat and work extra hours, they don’t pay any extra for overtime!Most new staff start on relief been just filler in around whatever salon your needed, where nobody has the time for you because they know u may only be there for one day.They have different rules for different people. Only a handful of realistic thinking managers in the whole company! Your punished for been sick
Stylist | Dublin, County Dublin | 3 Jan 2015
Busy work environment
• Manage daily work load & appointment distribution of trainees • One to one monitoring with Trainees • Perform Quality reviews on all trainees with regard to styling • Providing consultations with all Clients to ensure they understand the outcome of all styling whilst delivering excellent customer care • Upselling products with regard to hair care • Delivering excellence with all Cutting, Styling & Hair care • Ensure appointments for the following days are confirmed • Identifying and understanding customers previous history and current requirement while evaluating appropriate styling for that particular customer
Conslong unsociable hours
Production Coordinator | Arklow, County Wicklow | 19 Feb 2014
fun place to work and
I learned a lot from working in peter mark, I had done 4 weeks training on the front house department, which included computers, stock take, customer service , interacting with customers, working part of a team , cash handling. The hardest part of the job I found was at the end of day cash up because I had to count all the money and make sure no notes or coins are missing and everything matches up between what is in the till and the safe. The part I found most enjoyable about the job was that I got free hair wash/blow-dry and treatments done and working with the girls they were very nice team to work with in general.
Prosextra time for lunches
Conslong hours
Fully Qualified Architect | Dublin, County Dublin | 9 Jan 2017
This was a productive and fun salon to work in.
My typical day at this salon would be dealing with customers face to face and over the telephone. I have 11 years experience in the hairdressing industry, in which I have extensive experience in providing high-end customer service to clients both face to face and over the telephone. When I worked for Peter Mark I was a receptionist responsible for administration duties such as managing clients data, taking bills, answering the telephone, making and cancelling appointments for clients, and generally keeping everyone's diary organised.
Prosmeeting great people always a happy place to work
Trainee | Galway, County Galway | 11 Sept 2013
I loved working in Peter marks hairdressers it was great experience for me dealing with customers and selling products . Starting from 9 to 6 long hours but i always had a smile on my face and always did the best to my ability . I learned how to speak to customers at that the customer is always right , how to sell products , to interact with co-workers also. There was no hard part to my job every job is hard but you just keeping going . I love keeping myself busy the day seems to fly in when you keep busy .I most enjoyed seeing customer leave happy least i know i did a great job and they come back again to see you is even better .
Proslearning new experiences
Conslong hours
Production Coordinator | County Galway | 29 Jun 2021
Loved Working for Peter Mark
Worked there for sometime as Salon Coordinator/Receptionist in Galway. Fast paced environment but absolutely loved it. The day flies by, great music on, friendly clients and lovely staff. I was shocked reading the reviews here as there is just as many pros as there is cons no more than any job. Yes I worked more then expected, yes sometimes I had to stay behind by 10/15 minutes but management was just as good to me as I was to them. Really good opportunities to progress within the company too which I thought was great. If I was back living in Ireland I would not hesitate going back working for Peter Mark.
Hair Stylist | Portadown | 12 Jun 2017
productive and fun workplace
At Peter Mark every day you learn new skills and qualities from the staff, for example I learnt to not be shy and be more outgoing with the staff and clients in the salon, throughout the days that I done my experience I was more confident by my 3rd day and engaged more than my first day working there. It was such a pleasure to be able to be able to do my work experience at Peter Mark. The hardest part of the job for me was to engage with the clients and staff as it takes me a couple of days to get comfortable with others that I may not know as I get anxious. There wasn't one main thing that I enjoyed through my experience I enjoyed everything that I learnt and got to do with the staff from Peter Mark in Portadown.
ProsGot a 15 minute break in the morning and 1 hour for lunch
Salon Coordinator | Belfast | 5 Jun 2021
Not a nice environment
During my time working at Peter Mark, I worked in 3 different salons. I felt that the staff and management didnt behave professionally and management treated employees like children. It was a very cliquey atmosphere, and I dreaded going to work. The staff rooms are filthy and not adequate for the amount of staff. If you work on reception and are closing up, even if numerous people have had access to the till throughout the day, if the till is short at all you are held personally responsible and have to call head office to explain yourself where you are giving a dressing down/ sometimes shouted at or berated on the phone. I found this to be very stressful and demeaning.
ProsCan't think of any
ConsJob culture, atmosphere, no professionalism, poor management

Questions and answers about Peter Mark

Is it possible that Peter Mark would take on an apprentice that has no experience in hairdressing?
Asked 28 Nov 2018
Yes no experience needed
Answered 11 Feb 2022
Yes but they are a very bad salon with low standards. You will Not be able to cut hair after the apprenticeship, only be able do basic colour and a blow dry , many other professional salons that will train you to a higher standard. Major bullying issues as a trainee or a stylist in there. The trainers are themselves of a very low standard of hairdressing . They give Irish hairdressing a bad reputation. You will Have no official qualifications after you finish the 4 years . If you leave early you will be charged a lot of money for the supposedly free training . Do not work or train or even get your hair done here.
Answered 25 Jul 2019
Why would you want to work at Peter Mark?
Asked 27 Feb 2019
Great career progression
Answered 5 Jul 2021
You wouldn't there are better hair companies to work for.
Answered 8 May 2019
What is the interview process like at Peter Mark?
Asked 9 Oct 2017
Long, drawn out and scary
Answered 29 Jul 2019
Interviewed in person by the salon manager, basic questions. Tell me about yourself, why you want to work in this roll, what are your long term goals.
Answered 27 Feb 2019
What is the organisational culture at Peter Mark?
Asked 9 Oct 2017
Very unorganised, as work and pay condition are so bad they are always under staffed as nobody with experience as a stylist will Work for them . Had awful problems with them not paying me the agreed wage and issues with being bullied in the workplace. Awful experience, awful pay , awful company. Don’t work here if you have any self respect. Make more in any other salon in Ireland .
Answered 25 Jul 2019
It is very organised.
Answered 14 Jul 2019
Just wondering does petermarks payou there clients weekly or montly
Asked 22 Mar 2017
They pay weekly . The pay isn’t good strating out as a apprentice!
Answered 21 Sept 2022
They pay Weekly
Answered 11 Feb 2022