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Social Worker | Multyfarnham, County Westmeath | 6 Feb 2017
Challenging but progressive environment
I'e learned many skills during my tenure, inclusive of MAPA training, SAMMS, fire safety etc as well as detailed, comprehensive e-learning modules. As an administrator I work in close proximity to the unit management learning and completing and reviewing required documentation such as personal plans and required HIQA documentation. Role requires dealing appropriately with behaviors that challenge and aggressive/assaultive behaviours. Most enjoyable component is facilitating service user growth and supporting them to reach their chosen goals and aspirations.
ProsGreat experience
Conssalary does not reflect role adequately
Registered Nurse | Kilcullen, County Kildare | 18 Sep 2015
Fun Workplace, team players, Productive.
Nua Healthcare is a very good company to work for, the put the needs of all there service users first, it is a great place for team work, communication skills and integrating service users out into the community giving them employment opportunities.
ProsFlexible with working hours
ConsLong Hours at times
Home Care Worker | Dublin | 17 Feb 2020
Not a pleasant place to work, handy to get experience.
Lack of support from management and low payment. In many situations, staff are put at danger. This depends on what centre you are assigned to but in high support units you are more likely to be put at risk. It's an excellent way of getting experience as once you stay there for a while, you'll be able to work anywhere.
Social Worker | Cork | 11 Dec 2019
Long hour's
Long hour's no extra pay for weekend work, on some service user's 12 hour's in the house without getting out for a drive etc,very hard or can't get a shift covered when something pop's up at home, management do their best, but lack of funding and staff leavingmake it difficult for them.
Administrative Assistant | Naas, County Kildare | 6 Dec 2019
Run away from this company
This company shud b shut down from the top 2 the bottom noting but a bunch of bullies no idea how 2 treat their staff overworked and underpaid with no prospects of ever going forward to better yourself.
Support Worker | Athy, County Kildare | 2 Feb 2021
Stressful and management don't care at all about staff
Very stressful work environment, you will take a lot of abused from the service users and management will do nothing to prevent this! If you are sick for any length of time they will let you go. I would not recommend this company for anyone who has a choice.
ConsStressful and staff get abused
Support Worker | Naas, County Kildare | 10 Jan 2021
A great place for slackers.
Avoid this company, there are better companies in Ireland to work for. The pics in some houses were bullies. There also seems to be an element of favouritism in some houses, where people get lovely day shifts all the time and never seem to work weekends. As I said avoid this company.
ProsWhen it's time to go home
ConsThe company
Support Worker | Dublin | 15 Sep 2020
Hire with no experience, lack support for staff
I found the company to be quick with interviews and there is loads of hours for the staff, the training was fantastic. No shadow shifts if you are new to this field, did not feel the company safeguarded the staff in terms of aggressive behaviours and how this should be followed up. Shift times sometimes overlapped which adds pressure to get from address to address, long shift to shift with no time for a break. The logistics also sometimes did not make sense, the areas were not always grouped.
ProsTraining and upskilling options available, support with back to college to further qualifications
ConsShifts, office staff did not always come back to you regardless of the problem.
Support Worker | Birr, County Offaly | 23 Jan 2020
Its so stressful to work with Nua as you are caring mentally challenged service users there.But the remunaration is very good.It is very nice care team there.they are always there to help you in any matters.Travelling distance is very suitable for me.
Support Worker | County Laois | 4 Sep 2019
Can be sent to any location at any time. Dis-organised management. No fixed hours. Very slow to hire, interview, compete orientation and begin working.

Questions and answers about Nua Healthcare

If you were to leave Nua Healthcare, what would be the reason?
Asked 30 Sep 2019
Worst company I ever been. Management is the worst, pay very low
Answered 18 Nov 2020
Everything that employers should not do to staff. Worse pay, conditions, treatment
Answered 29 Mar 2020
Was your hard work acknowledged at Nua Healthcare?
Asked 3 Jul 2019
Not in the slightest. As a member of staff with Nua your only a number on a page. There's no benefits and no appreciation for doing a good job but if you make a mistake these blood sucking and money hungry sewer dwellers that act as your evil overlords are the first to bark it at you. The poor staff are treated like nothing I was never happier to free myself from the weight and burden of working for this horrible company.
Answered 1 Apr 2020
Never, your treated so bad it's a challenge in itself for any manager to recognise great staff. They feel threatened so the try to make life worse for you. Then if your not part of their click they only pick their own buddies for employee of the month. Whats worse the PIC gets performance bonus for doing nothing. It's the frontline who pass inspections not management
Answered 29 Mar 2020
How should you prepare for an interview at Nua Healthcare?
Asked 18 Aug 2017
Safeguarding, different types of abuse, challenging behaviour, there mission statement & values, what is a typical day in Nua, HIQA
Answered 14 May 2019
Be able to breath and you will be fine you will get the job
Answered 30 Sep 2018
On average, how many hours do you work a day at Nua Healthcare?
Asked 17 Sep 2019
8 hours shift
Answered 16 Jan 2021
The shifts vary.
Answered 18 Nov 2020
What would you suggest Nua Healthcare management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked 29 Mar 2019
Management should increase the wages of staff who work for long years, 2 yrs up. Improve the communication to their staff. If there is investigation, management does not care about the staff.
Answered 30 Aug 2019
The company is expanding very rapidly so they seem to hire out of necessity instead of quality. Wages are a major issue, recent 1% pay rise (€14 to €14.15 for SCW’s) across the board instead of rewarding long serving staff. (A birthday card and selection box ain’t gonna cut it). Nua should nurture what they have for a year instead. Buy 1 or 2 less houses next year and pay staff instead. Make that the next objective after HIQA and risk. Maybe make the same or a little less profit for a year. Unthinkable in the private sector I’m sure.
Answered 24 Aug 2019