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Payroll Administrator | Santry, County Dublin | 30 Sept 2013
The Noel Recruitment Agency is a company where I have gain great experience in accounts environment as an Intern on Payroll Administrator Position.
Mainly I was dealing there with time-sheets processing in Merit package, time-sheets authorising. I was dealing with general administration duties (filing, answering incoming calls and candidates). I was also processing invoices in Sage package and I was authorising invoices regarding their accuracy before sending to the customer. During my Internship I have gained great experience in busy accounts office related with payroll and invoicing issues. While my work there I have gain knowledge about team work, team loyalty, working on deadline and time management. I have also developed my PC skills. My Management was very professional and busy. My co-workers were very professional, efficient, and friendly. I could learn from them. The hardest part of my job there was dealing with upset candidates, who had queries regarding their salary (e.g. when the payroll was not done on time because of the system problems). The most enjoyable part of my job there was dealing with time-sheets and invoices. I enjoyed these parts of my Internship the most.
Catering Manager | Galway Bay, County Galway | 12 Apr 2017
a lot of talk but very little action
they offer loads of promises often jobs they are advertising are already gone and filled so they seem to have a load of jobs but actually none, by using them to get u a job you are bringing down your gross salary so beware if u wondering why you aint getting your wage, done some relief for them a few months back wasnt great again promise u loads of work but realistically very little so take this as another beware,fair enough the idea of relief is in emergency which might be a day or more but do take the offer of loads of work with a pinch of salt, and be prepared for low wages . So all in now you cant depend on them they are an agency......
Conscould be waiting a while
Kitchen Porter | Cork, County Cork | 14 Jul 2021
Very good company, staff in Cork office is there to help with everything you might need. Always a pleasure to work with them.
Noel Cork team is always there for you with good attitude, ready to help from your day one with them, either with certificates, working uniform, directions to job, income payment methods or advice about jobs. Inspirational, cheerful and positive approach to work on daily basis is guaranteed with them. Very professional and determined to support you from beginning and solve any issues or problems that may appear. Thanks guys. Cheers
ProsSupport, help, finance if needed
ConsChanging workplaces a lot. Different employers = different rules and ways to work
Asistente general | Dublin, County Dublin | 21 Jan 2016
Agradable ambiente de trabajo con cultura muy diferente (Irlanda)
Noel Recritment era una empresa de reclutamiento en Dublín, Irlanda, con excelente ambiente de trabajo, con tiempos muy bien organizados y excelente trato a todo el personal que colaborábamos con ellos además de horarios muy flexibles. La parte que mas me gusto fue conocer una cultura muy diferente a la Mexicana, poder desarrollarme y que me enseñaron muchas cosas además de que siempre me apoyaron. La parte mas difícil fue adaptarme a la pronunciación del idioma ingles, pero siempre hubo colegas muy amables y atentos
ProsBuen salario, y aprendizaje tanto laboral como cultural.
ConsNo habia desarrollo.
Catering Assistant | Naas, County Kildare | 14 Mar 2018
No effort no progress
Noel group in my view find you jobs and send you to various places, it's up to your individual self to impress prospective employers who will ask you to come back again and again, it's not Noel groups job to spoon feed jobs to you, it's a pathway you create for yourself, get off your bikes and stop blaming the company, work hard, be noticed and progress from there on...of course they make money from us but if you keep a steady flow, you.ll make money for you...No is no in this company and you can leave anytime to join a company you lie full time with no questions asked.
ProsFlexibility and text contact with manager
ConsNo ID badges, no constant contact or newsletter
Senior Technical Recruiter | Santry, County Dublin | 29 Aug 2013
Worked hard and was also fun work place
Typical Day was doing Business Development to get new clients on board. Then Head Hunting for the jobs advertised to create a pipeline of potential interviews. Up dating candidates on outcome of interviews. Invoicing for placements secured. The Hardest part of the job was securing new business in a tight marketplace. The most enjoyable part of the job was securing a placement and the banter on the phone to clients and candidates. Also alerting a candidate to a job and putting them forward and securing the placement gave me great job satisfaction.
Care Assistant | Ireland | 18 Jun 2015
Productivity and Fun working place
There was a day at work and it was very sunny we were asked to take all the residents to the zoo and it was very fun I learned that been a carer, its very good to care of your client as they are part of you and to learn how to be humane My co workers are easy to work with and they made me feel at home whenever we are working together The hardest of my job was when a client become aggressive and it is my duty as a carer to calm him down Is when am with the client reading newspaper to them and discussing their life and what they have done in their prime time
Conslong hours
Order Picker | Mitchelstown, County Cork | 8 Mar 2018
fast paced environment
I started picking products and placing them on pallets the correct way as to build the pallet safely which takes practice as there was hundreds of products. After a few weeks management expected your pick rate( how many products picked onto pallet per hour) to be a certain level. Once my pick rate rose to a high level i began getting more jobs to complete which increased my hours of work for that day. If the pick rate was not satisfactory then management would ask you to leave once your orders were completed.
Prosthe canteen was exceptional
Consnot enough hours a week for the expense of travelling
Catering Assistant | Cork, County Cork | 27 Dec 2014
Well organised professional workplace
I enjoy working at Noel Recruitment because its an opportunity to work with different leading companies in the Industry and this results in yourself being able to network and get to know each company's culture. Being flexible and willing to give 100% goes a long way towards being noticed as a potential employee and can be a very rewarding experience no matter at whatever level you may be operating at.
ProsGet to meet different heads of different departments of Industry Leading Companies
ConsBasic Pay and sometimes short notice for work which can't be helped
Kitchen Porter | Dublin, County Dublin | 3 May 2016
fun and productive addictive for work too
i have learnt to work with other employers as a team and learnt to work at my own initiative when its very busy the busy it gets the more nicer the job gets.i have ben tought to be a hard worker and to aply by the regulations of employment when right or wrong learn to deal with customer care and to deal with any problem that deals with our job food might be hair in or wrong served dish ,we get to talk with our customers appologise and tell management about the problem learnt to be punctual allways and never be late for work thankyou
Warehouse Worker | Tocantins | 6 Jul 2019
low wages and long hours or opposite
had to work 6 days a week for 9.50 per hour which left not even 300 euro per week in un enjoyable employment and companies, never got more than a years work and never permanent ,never got settled into a position and never had the chance to gain a contract from any company iv been employed with through this agency, been made promises which were never kept and never recieved a livable wage , the staff are ok i suppose but the over all agency set up is not something to dedicate your time and expect a career out of ,will not be taking any employment by this agency again as there is never a chance of permanent positions or livable pay rates ,always get the bare minimum and have never heard of anyone employed by this agency give a good review ,only good for temp work or to keep u going over the xmas ,would most definately not depend on this agency to survive on and gain any type of livelyhood from, have ended up late on rent many of occasions due to 2-3 weeks with no work and abrupt cease of employment ,they only use people for temp roles if an employer needs a fill in or to cover for someone on holidays.
Prosif u dont like to work full time then this agency would suit you
Customer Service Representative | Stevens Point, WI | 28 Jul 2016
Centralized scheduling Representative
The Noel Group was a very interesting job. We worked on computers and worked for Ford where we were GPS control people. When a person would hit there button in there Ford just like on star they would contact to us. We then gave them directions through a system we had hooked to the car telling them where they are going.I learned a lot about computers systems at the Noel group and professionalism on the phones. Co Workers were family and we worked as a team. The hardest part was dealing with drivers being frustrated on where they were going and the system not working. The most enjoyable part of the job was everyone worked together and was in a great mood for the most part it was a casual wear job so you got to wear comfortable clothes.
ProsCasual clothing, Great Co Workers, Holiday parties
ConsPay, No Benefits
Customer Service Representative | Stevens Point, WI | 5 Jan 2017
Enjoyed the work but things became to chaotic when they switched ownership
I took calls for various companies that hired out our services as customer service. I learned a lot of handy communication techniques and the 7 Habbits training did a lot to help me manage my life. However the 7 habbits training helped little since they had changed ownership and the over all way things were run no longer reflected that training. training in multiple departments gave little benefit.
Proson site food options, up to date technology, friendly staff, 7 habbits training available
ConsLow employee retension, high stress, Low pay compared to other call centers.
Healthcare Assistant | Waterford VIC | 31 Jan 2016
Rewarding workplace
I had very busy days at work could switch from working in hospitals to nursing homes. I learned how to improve on my skills each day and how to improve on meeting deadlines everyday from been subjected to been put under a lot of pressure. Management were very helpful and understanding. My co-workers changed everyday and I met a lot of new people while working for Noel Recruitment from this I got to improve on my communication skills. Dealing with End of Life with the nursing homes. How rewarding the job is to be able to help people and communicating with new people everyday.
ProsUnderstanding managers
ConsLong hard hours

Questions and answers about Noel Group

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Noel Group? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 5 Jul 2018
Straight away
Answered 11 Sept 2019
You are so short in staff, you will hire any one with arms and legs
Answered 2 Jan 2019
Why would you want to work at Noel Group?
Asked 11 Aug 2017
Desperation would be the only reason to work for this bunch of gangsters.
Answered 28 Jul 2019
I want to work in this company because there team leader teach how to work feel friendly atmosphere and hospitality help job seeker how to perform under this reputed company. Thank you
Answered 6 Nov 2018
What is the interview process like at Noel Group?
Asked 10 Jul 2018
14 february
Answered 22 May 2020
Very formal and proffession
Answered 14 Feb 2019
What would you suggest Noel Group management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked 11 Mar 2020
Stop unrealistic expectations
Answered 19 Oct 2021
Review their structures, look at the future and the bigger picture .
Answered 25 Jun 2021
How are the working hours at Noel Group?
Asked 30 Aug 2017
Great. Every weekend off.
Answered 9 Jul 2018
Flexible & fair
Answered 9 Jul 2018