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Sales Assistant | Drogheda, County Louth | 12 Mar 2022
Not great
I was seasonal staff and didn't feel like staff made an effort to communicate with seasonal staff. Tasks were easy but made harder by lack of training to new staff
Warehouse Worker | United Kingdom | 4 Apr 2022
It's a warehouse job
Mundane job, fair pay but can be tiring and mentally exhausting trying to stay motivated through the day. The management is laid back until something effects them then its all systems go. The hardworking get all the work whilst others don't seem to do very much but it is what it is. The shift patterns aren't great but are usual for a warehouse from what I've looked at. The people are friendly but everyone looks miserable and the atmosphere isn't very motivating. Minimal interaction with other humans
Sales Assistant | Leyton | 27 Apr 2022
Very welcoming
I’ve been working at next for 15 years and I feel like I’m part of a family as everyone from all ages are helpful and supportive. The managers encourage you to build a career. I’ve covered most roles from management to delivery to sales floor and office. My work allow me to work around my children as I am a single mother so it’s just a great place to work especially when it’s been made easier to work and lots of fun too.
Customer Service Representative | Doncaster | 22 Apr 2022
Fast turnover in staff
Long hours but worked 4 on 4 off, always enjoyed the 4 off, but missed family time. wages just over minimum wage. Plenty of overtime available, never took it, loved the people not the job. Chosen for several departments. Then spent 3 months working on a new project. Worked really hard only to lose my bonus as a result of giving early notice.
ProsWorking 4 days on, 4 off
ConsPoor wages
Sales Administrator | Birmingham | 4 May 2022
Not a fun role.
I hated working for next and that’s the mere truth. The management were always pushy and rude. This was the case at two branches I worked at. Often hearing sneaky and rude comments. You’re expected to work their hours over any other job you may have so don’t expect Christmas time off. I now work a job triple that salary with less stress and micro management.
Customer Service Representative | Doncaster | 3 Jul 2022
Click management
Managers were clicky. Work hard and never got any chance to progress as they always knew who they were choosing not much support at all from managers. Money was good especially the overtime. There was not much other benefits to the role and you was just treated like a number.
Sales Consultant | Sheffield | 22 Jun 2022
Lovely people but fast-paced
Was in a team of lovely staff, which made sale stress decrease and management were also very nice and easy to talk too. Training was little so I learnt mostly ‘on the job’ but I found this to be developing my skills.
Programmer Analyst | Enderby | 14 Mar 2022
Look after staff very well.
Happy place to work. They look after staff very well. Head office is a great place to work. Best job I have ever had ( and I have had a fair few) wish I would have stayed there !