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Warehouse Worker | Kilcock, County Kildare | 11 Aug 2023
Phisicly demanding, boring and sometimes dangerous work environment (things can fall on you from shelves and hurt you)
You start at 7 am, take your long legger and headphones. On headphones you have program to tell you what things you need to pick up from the shelves. They are high 13 meters. Guys with forklifts pick up pellets with products and put them on lower shelves so you can take from them by your hand. You need to be fast, beucause you have a limited time to do your tasks. You can advance from your position if you are a very fast in work or if you constantly snitch other workers to managment if they made some mistake.
Pros8 hours shift.
ConsExpensive food in the canteen and accomodation, poor mangment.
Truck Driver | Dublin, County Dublin | 5 Jun 2023
A good workplace for a start with a decent pay
Good workplace, lots of benefits but company policies and the management makes you hate the job. Regarding of are costumers are satisfied and you got no complaints and the job is done, they'll find something to wipe that smile of your face. Start 5:30am, finish when you empty the truck. Better to work for the agency few days in a week, at least you'll be payed by the hour. Accomodations and transport provided for those who just started driving for them.
ProsVery good salary, fixed routes, maintained and clean trucks
ConsNever know when you'll finish, terrible management in transport office, company policies, fixes annual pay regarding long hours, no overtime pay
Associate | Dublin, County Dublin | 19 Sept 2023
Bad Leadership
Working in Musgrave has been a life-changing experience, unfortunately. The people from the office are extremely nice and helpful, and don’t deserve to be in the same sentence with the rest but this is about the work environment and the people ‘leading’ that place. When you start work, they give you all this trening like you are going to be the only person working, and then you dont do anything except for voice-picking. Rotation between co-workers doesn’t exist, and it never did. Depo Managers don’t care about anything, except to tell people to ‘go faster’.
ProsOne of the best equipt kitchens I have seen in Ireland
ConsDon’t put incompetent people in LM positions
Warehouse Worker | Fonthill Retail Park, County Dublin | 4 Aug 2023
Tough slog but can be rewarding
4 day work week with 10 hour shifts, management are sound enough as long as you don't call in sick loads and hit your targets. Early starts and late finishes can be tough. Targets can be hard to achieve depending on what section you're in, but if you do hit the target you get 170+ bonus per week.
ProsSubsidised canteen, pool table, good training opportunities, good lads to work with
ConsTen hour shifts, management can be tough, hard to reach targets sometimes, unforgiving of sick days
Brand Manager | Cork, County Cork | 5 Jul 2016
Very exciting, dynamic and fast paced environment. Thoroughly enjoyed my time in this position
Very exciting, dynamic and fast paced environment. Thoroughly enjoyed my time in this position. The role was based on a large workload and was deadline focused. This has helped me greatly in building a professional skill set which has given me the confidence in adjusting to any other roles.
Order Picker | Cork, County Cork | 1 Jul 2023
Tiring, Repetitive and Stressful
The work is very repetitive. The environment can be very stressful — headsets not properly functioning being the main cause of stress. The given time for pallets is often too little, meaning that properly pacing yourself throughout the work day can be an issue, especially for the 12 hour shifts.
Truck Driver | Cork, County Cork | 9 Aug 2023
Long hours to make a living
Not a great place to work very long hours to make a living whilst senior drivers make much more for way less hours. Roster is fairly awful too. Better off working elsewhere with no weekend or working late at night or stupid o clock in the morning all in the same week.
Van Driver | Dublin, County Dublin | 23 Sept 2023
They just want more and more from you Management are very rude and unprofessional They are condescending Typical day van driver is cheating orders, load van do your trip sheet , deliver to customers and bring van back and complete all paperwork
ProsCheap coffee
ConsLow pay
Manager | Dublin, County Dublin | 11 Aug 2023
Nice people, good teamwork
People were nice, less bullies than your usual work places. Inclusive culture. Bonus shema. Brands under pressure, so high expectations on finding solution. Great place to ataet career.
General Operative | Kilcock, County Kildare | 22 Sept 2023
Good Pay and Good bonuses as soon as you hit the required mark. Hours are same as anywhere and consistent with overtime if you choose sometimes. Relaxed enviroment. Can be yourself.
Cajero/a Reponedor/a | Elche, Alicante provincia | 15 Aug 2023
Si tuviese que volver a trabajar en esa empresa ni por todo el oro del mundo
¿Qué es lo mejor de trabajar en la empresa? Esa empresa no miran por personal de empresa ya que para ellos son un número, yo no recomiendo trabajar en esa empresa ¿Qué es lo más estresante de trabajar en la empresa? Te preocupas por la empresa durante 15 años y después se pasar una mala racha, te echan sin mirar lo has echo por la empresa ¿Cómo son el ambiente y la cultura laboral en la empresa? No muy bueno ya que los compañeros lo que hacen es criticar a los compañeros En tu caso, ¿cómo es un día típico en la empresa? Ningún día es un día típico más bien atipico
gen op | Robin Hood, SC | 3 Jun 2018
Worst company i have ever worked for
For a company that prides itself on having values, i can tell you as a current employee they have none apart from making money at all costs. Atmosphere in the Robin hood branch is toxic and bad for mental health due to the constant pressure put on employees by the morons in charge. Lack of information and the complete lack of respect for the workforce and the fact that they are people as well as employees make this by far the worst place i have ever had the misfortune to work in. The only plus is going home and holidays. Avoid.
Prosgoing home
Conseverything else
Gerente | Carry-le-Rouet (13) | 5 Aug 2019
Escasa profesionalidad de los puestos, cultura presencial y perfiles muy cerrados.
Desde la central, se ve una perspectiva irreal de los centros. Falta profesionalizar la dirección y dimensionar adecuadamente las tiendas Plantillas escasas en número y formación, la cúpula directiva no quiere saber nada de las situaciones y optan por aplicar en primera persona la supervivencia. Políticas comercial irreal y desfasada, no competitivos.
ProsLos clientes.
ConsRetribución. Formación no resolución de conflictos.

Questions and answers about Musgrave

How are the working hours at Musgrave?
Asked 21 Oct 2017
10 hrs shift
Answered 1 Nov 2019
Kip let people go a week or two before Christmas only care about them selves
Answered 2 Jan 2019
What benefits does Musgrave offer?
Asked 27 Jun 2021
Stock in the company upon being employed for three years.
Answered 9 Sept 2023
Easy access to leave the buliding
Answered 12 Dec 2022
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Musgrave? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 14 Aug 2018
Download WhatsApp join your line managers group and that's your death warrant signed off
Answered 19 Jun 2021
Just say you are available.
Answered 24 Oct 2018
What advice would you give the CEO of Musgrave about how to improve it?
Asked 5 Aug 2020
You need to take a close look as to how your warehouses are being managed. Many of the systems put in place to ensure productivity such as BSI are simply used as excuses to hound employees and push people out the door. Workers are penalised for refusing to do overtime and thus often have no choice but to do 55 to 60 hour work weeks, which for many is simply not feasible.
Answered 6 May 2022
Where to start, maybe treat people with some respect.
Answered 13 Aug 2021
What is Musgrave holiday leave policy? How many holiday leave days do you get per year?
Asked 30 Apr 2019
standard 4 weeks off each year. bank holidays are not included. pickers work Sundays!
Answered 12 Mar 2022
You can get up to a month paid holidays
Answered 3 Sept 2019