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Warehouse Worker | Clondalkin, County Dublin | 29 Apr 2015
Product Knowledge
A typical day at work - Quite a repetitive job it must be said, assembling orders for customers packing the stock into Pallets/cages and effectively preparing the cargo for exportation. What I have learned is that a lot of hard work goes into the process and segregation of huge quantities of stock. I have learned a lot from my time in Musgrave. Identifying the backbone of a business and gathering a better understanding of how a company should be managed. I feel I have very good product knowledge. Experience I gained from previous jobs such as B&Q and Musgrave. From my time in Musgrave I have learned more about myself and what specifics interests me the most. I am interested in the packaging aspect of the huge variety of products I have had to deal with on a regular basis. The Design of the packaging and process of manufacturing. I personally think it is good to keep up to date with product knowledge considering my field of study Product Design / Industrial Design. I enjoy watching an idea grow whether it is a new flavour of Pringles or a Guava flavoured energy drink. Seeing first hand the marketing techniques used and the effectiveness of product promotion. So its obvious to see I have a keen interest in Product Development whether it Sales or Design. I believe from my time in College/Work I have obtained the necessary/relevant skills to help me find a role better suited to my abilities in this specific sector. Something that I hope will benefit me in my fut
Delivery Driver | Cork, County Cork | 12 Mar 2022
productive learning experience
I worked for Musgrave Wholesale Partners as a multi-drop van delivery driver through Excel recruitment. The van program was created by the Cork depot manager at the time to alleviate pressure from the rigid truck drivers by taking customers off their list which would be inconvenient. The program was very successful through the busy summer months. I enjoyed meeting Musgraves's customers which ranged from care homes small shops restaurants hotels, and all sorts. It was also a good way of learning about how the wholesale and logistics industry works. Work was hard in busy weeks but that's to be expected when working in such a successful company. An advantage is that due to the companies size there are many opportunities for promotion into new roles. There are many others jobs that Musgraves offer onsite that aren't as enjoyable as delivering. Most of these jobs are picking orders onto combis for Musgraves customers which is both very tedious and labor-intensive so caution is advised when accepting a job. I also think that Musgraves should and can very well afford to pay their labor force better due to the company's continued success and growth. Thanks again to all the supportive management.
ProsGreat learning environment
Consjust be careful of labour intensive jobs in the company.
General Operative | Waterford, County Waterford | 30 Apr 2019
It's like working with your family at a fairly positive job.
Every day is pretty much the same. I was a general operative so would be either stacking shelves with goods or picking orders in cages for customers to have them delivered by truck. They work by the book which is good, there are no grey areas regarding protocol or rules so it's an easy job to carry out. Most of the time the fellow employees are fairly upbeat (the usual complaining about the job comes up but we knew it was more in a joking capacity). It was a messy job in the sense you'd be covered in all sorts of dust and dirt from working in the warehouse but this comes with the job. Customers are very respectful in 99% of cases because they're business customers. Management was mostly efficient. Supervisor had a habit of speaking about staff behind their backs and shouldn't have been there by any means but didn't affect the working day most of the time. No prospects of moving up the ladder really but wages did go up after a certain duration in their employment.
ProsJust go in a do the job effectively and you'll be left alone
ConsSupervisory & management had some unrealistic expectations when it came to certain targets.
General Operative | Limerick, County Limerick | 9 Nov 2018
Fun but self-esteem destroying
When I started at the limerick branch I was optimistic about my job and that I was in safe hands as long as I did what was required. I then began to realise that I had to find out myself how to do certain tasks because of little training. People that have been there 20+ years looked drained and complain to the younger guys telling them they should get out of here which will have a huge negative effect on you. The management just focus on meeting targets in the budget so that they gain in the form of bonuses even though the other staff suffer immensely and do the work of two people for minimum wage. For weeks and up to recently wages are not paid correctly. Did not recieve the correct holiday leave as I "owed them hours" whatever that means. Gradually lost my trust with the company. Worked there 3 years and still part-time with hours going down to 12 some weeks. If you want a good career and a happy life DO NOT work for this company, unless you want physical health problems as well as self esteem problems. Other than that i got on well with most of my co-workers.
ProsManagement and Directors have nice cars.
ConsOver worked. Really low pay.
Warehouse Worker | Boycetown, County Kildare | 25 Sept 2017
It isn't best place to work...
At first I was impressed with size of the warehouse. Deeper in the forest worst it gets. After initial training you will get your life getting worst and worst and depression will grow bigger. Conditions of work aren't best. You are just a number on employees list and this is how they will treat you. Some days you think it isn't that bad and than "bang", they coming with better back breaking ideas. If you need to have a job you will stay but if you have choice I would strongly recommend to stay the feck away. They promising a lot but it all ends with promises. You will see people coming and going on weekly basis. Only the guys with old contracts aren't looking for new job because they are on much better terms (it doesn't mean that they are happy with company).
ProsSome (yet very limited) training, great bunch of weirdos to work with.
ConsLies on top of lies, hard work with back breaking picks, meetings filled more promises that nobody believes in
Operator | Limerick, County Limerick | 30 Jul 2018
Fast paced, interesting and rewarding job.
My typical day at work involved receiving frozen and chilled deliveries in the morning. Also required were daily date checks, ensuring that all health and safety regulations were complied with, making sure all shelves were fully merchandised, pushing sales to ensure a healthy margin and minimize waste. Last but not least dealing with any and all customer issues where relevant to myself and my section. A fast paced, target orientated work environment. Customer service and building good relationships with customers is hugely important. Hardest part of job is that it can be physically exerting. Most enjoyable part was the good natured relationships between and among both staff and customers. Management were friendly, professional and engaged with staff at all times.
ProsStaff discount and early awareness of good value offers.
ConsCold temperatures, however not a major issue.
Order Picker | Kilcock, County Kildare | 21 Oct 2019
Stay away from this place
I worked there in Kilcock for a year on the night shift. Was getting paid 9.50 an hour at the time. It was back breaking work. The pick rate was unrealistic. Accidents were quite common in there as people are racing around in there trying to hit the pick rate. Had alot of issues with the agency. They were rude and ignorant to deal with. Alot of rats in there who would report people for minor things just so they could climb up the ladder. You'd be paid flat rate for working the weekends. You‘d have team leaders walking around the warehouse making sure nobody is talking making it feel like a prison so moral in there is very low. The high turnover of staff is an indicator of how poor of a job this is. All in all its a terrible job and not good for your mental health. Its time the health and safety authority’s investigated this company and other warehouses like it. Its not good enough in this day and age.
Annonymous | Cork, County Cork | 24 Oct 2018
If you aint in the click, its bully time
The only people who get advanced in this company are people who stick their heads up the managements prevervials and keep the companies secrets which is basically publish the company policies and dont obide by them. To stay in the company, you need to be a sheep and what ever you do, dont ask questions, that will get you forced out the door. Also you need to be in one of the many clicks in there. If not you will be bullied. Pay rises if you get them are 5% max. Bonuses are dependant on if you are in favor with the direct management, if not they will find any excuse to knock you down. Generally the staff have more knowledge and experience than the managers hence the reason why there are poor decisions which resulted in the loss of the UK business. Do yourselves a favour and stay away, this company is a rotting corpse, rotten from the inside out.
Sales Manager | Dublin, County Dublin | 25 Apr 2018
Productive workplace
Hours differed daily which had its benefits but the lack of stability/rostered hours became somewhat tedious. Day-to-day assisted in customer queries, ensured products were restocked, checked orders were correct upon arrival and reordered stock daily. I learned to be more focused on ensuring that customers are gratified with the service and if not reordering their products or finding out if another branch had the product in question. Also learned to up sell products. Management was amicable and approachable, the lack of feeling of hierarchy made for a smooth running workplace. The most enjoyable part of the job was customer satisfaction. The hardest part of the job was making sure every customer was assisted when needed and time management in that case as was quite busy but overall I'd deem myself as a key employee.
Logistics Manager | Cork, County Cork | 17 Aug 2012
Working Hard
Everyday in Musgraves is a challenge as no two days are the same as the work load changes daily to meet our retailers demand and also promotion demands. I manage a distribution centre with over 270 employees and with the help of myself and my colleagues we make this operation work within budget every year no matter what new difficulties had arisen. My co-workers would say that I am a hard working and deal with difficulties in a professional manner. One of the hardest part's of my job is the chill environment as the the temperture is a consistent +2 degrees. The most enjoyable part has to be meeting the target set out for me everyday by the demand of our retailers, and given them a service that helps them to be one of the top competitors in there market place.
Prosdiscount in our stores.
Conscold environment.
Data Analyst | Harefield | 18 Oct 2012
A top class employer
My role as a data analyst taught me to maintain my business ethics and allowed me to apply my IT skills that I always wanted to use at work. I have met many new people with a professional approach to their workloads, and are happy to help and get to know me more. I learned to be organised, methodical, take part in sessions for work development, share ideas, and gain new office skills. The managers have the best people skills I have seen in a long time in my career, which has enabled me to develop fantastic work relationships that make me love my job! My co-workers are very friendly and always make the department a fun one to work in, with the gossip and passion that lights up the atmosphere. I have recently met a few new recruits that I have given a good impression to and have blended with on every level. The hardest part of my job was to assess my most recent performance that I had to discuss with my manager. I wrote an evaluation to cover the key points, which was a test of my thinking throughout the period to focus on. I needed to be precise and pay attention to detail as I always do with data work. The best part of the job in my opinion, was the quarterly meetings offsite that helped me to engage in activites with new staff. The most recent one was helpful as it gained me skills to brainstorm and think more broadly in team sessions.
Prosplay to strengths, use qualities, people-driven environment, friendly staff, new opportunity to improve
Consjunk emails come up to those who don't expect them often!
Trade Assistant | Harefield | 26 May 2014
Proactive, friendly but repetitive.
A typical day at work would be logging onto the system and first running reports for work completed the day(s) previous and checking for any errors that would impact store's/depots. Then checking our customer service queries system and answering any queries/requests from retailers. I work through emails from my management and suppliers - this includes, requests on/about products, pricing, amends, changes, data integrity, invoicing. Since working here I have gained more confidence as I deal with suppliers (National Account Managers) on a daily basis as well as management in my team. I have expanded my IT skills and intend to do so further. My co-workers in my team and within the trading function are great, they are supportive but at times can be stressed and quiet, the suffer in silence type which does put a bit of a downer on the job. The hardest part of my job when the suppliers get things wrong, which in turn, makes lots of re-work through all functions within the business. Sometimes work can be a little tedious and repetitive. The most enjoyable part of the job is my team, they always make me laugh and are a great bunch of people to be around daily.
ProsLovely team, Good working conditons, Local, Onsite parking
ConsLong hours, Little recognition
Buyer | Elche, Alicante provincia | 29 Jul 2014
Empresa muy estructurada
En el dia a dia se gestionan en mi funcion los problemas o dudas de los franquiciados, se atienden a sus peticiones y se da respuesta a todo... no siempre la que espera el franquiciado, pero la mejor para el conjunto de la compañia. Aprendi a llevar un equipo, a reducir costes de donde antes de mi gestion no se habia hecho... como el ahorre de 241000€ que obtuve con la negociacion de las bolsas porta compra. La dirección muy buena aunque tengo que confesar que sobre mi persona espere algo mas a lo ultimo de mi etapa. Los compañeros buenos, todos muy buenos menos uno de ellos que iba al contrarios de los intereses de la empresa La parte mas dificil del trabajo era de tomar decisiones que fueran del agrado del la mayoria de los franquiciados, eso era muy complejo. Donde muchos valoraban lo realizado, otros pocos lo criticaban y siempre aunque fuera uno te quedamos con mal sabor. Lo que mas me gusto del trabajo fue luchar y trabajar sin descanso e incluso hacia horas los Sabados para tener mi trabajo controlado y poder asi estar satisfecho dia a dia
ProsPuesto de responsabilidad
ConsNinguna, todo fue bueno

Questions and answers about Musgrave

How are the working hours at Musgrave?
Asked 21 Oct 2017
10 hrs shift
Answered 1 Nov 2019
Kip let people go a week or two before Christmas only care about them selves
Answered 2 Jan 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Musgrave? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 14 Aug 2018
Download WhatsApp join your line managers group and that's your death warrant signed off
Answered 19 Jun 2021
Just say you are available.
Answered 24 Oct 2018
What benefits does Musgrave offer?
Asked 27 Jun 2021
Shares social club membership
Answered 22 Nov 2022
discounted lunches on site.
Answered 12 Mar 2022
What advice would you give the CEO of Musgrave about how to improve it?
Asked 5 Aug 2020
You need to take a close look as to how your warehouses are being managed. Many of the systems put in place to ensure productivity such as BSI are simply used as excuses to hound employees and push people out the door. Workers are penalised for refusing to do overtime and thus often have no choice but to do 55 to 60 hour work weeks, which for many is simply not feasible.
Answered 6 May 2022
Where to start, maybe treat people with some respect.
Answered 13 Aug 2021
What is Musgrave holiday leave policy? How many holiday leave days do you get per year?
Asked 30 Apr 2019
standard 4 weeks off each year. bank holidays are not included. pickers work Sundays!
Answered 12 Mar 2022
You can get up to a month paid holidays
Answered 3 Sept 2019