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Line Cook | Galway, County Galway | 12 Aug 2016
nice place to work
A typical day would start at 6:00am i would turn on all equipment , when heated the pastry's are first to go into the oven with bread rolls and scones. while they bake i start to prep and cook the buffet breakfast which included sausage, bacon, pudding, scramble eggs, saute mushroom , beans, saute potato and grilled tomato, i would then place all food in the self service bain marie, and keep an eye on the levels, after this i would complete all HASSAP and check the daily delivery. after this i would then prepare the roast, the fish of the day and the dish of the day, and also make the soup for the day, i also have a young commi chef working with me who dose be doing prep and restocking the breakfast fridges and filling the fridges for the upcoming lunch, so i must keep an eye that she is completing all her tasks. once lunch is cooked etc i then do the lunch service with one other chef, after lunch about 3:00 this is the morning shift over. the evening shift: check fridges make sure all fully stocked and prep back up is all complete, cook or prep what ever you are missing , there might be bus tours/groups you must prepare for while still doing service for evening, also cleaning, hassap etc all my co workers gave 100 per cent and i have made lots of friends there. There are no really hard parts to the jobs just the normal stress that may come with working in a busy kitchen. the most enjoyable part was going in and learning how a hotel kitchen worked this was my first
Prosfree lunch, free gym, free parking
Conssplit shifts
Accommodation Assistant | South Dublin, County Dublin | 5 Jun 2016
never ever
This is the worst place I've ever worked for. There are a few things why: * management never happy from our hard job * cutting salary(working hours never agreed with payslips) *you never knew when your is going to finish * to many things to do in the same time(OMG we are not a robots!!!) * never heard Thank You * hotel is not kept in good conditions everything is cheap, dirty as we can't clean it and damaged) that's why we have always got complaints from customers * no respect from management * we were asked to do things which are not our duties (a lot of times I can understand that sometimes are busy days but not always) and then we were listening from supervisors or managers what are you doing you job is not done!! Never happy management this is the worst I had no motivation I had headache to go there. Sorry but there is no enjoyable thing maybe only nice staff.
Prosmeals on duty and flexible roster
Conseverything else
Food and Beverage Manager | Dublin, County Dublin | 31 Mar 2015
good learning skills and communication skills
Over all the Maldron Hotel was a good place to work It was challenging and you sometimes had to really push yourself .It was an early start sometimes 5 but mainly 6 and the hours were long but a very enjoyable experience. I got a lot of new skills as I had a team under me and having to allocate jobs and correct the people and the jobs that were not up to standard was difficult at times but very rewarding when accomplished . Working in an envoironment that has a very fast moving pace and has little room for mistakes is sometimes really hard to deal with but when its done right and things run smoothly its very pleasing to know that your organisational skills have helped to achieve this
Prosgreat working envoirnment and meet new people every day
Consvery early and long hour
Housekeeper | Galway, County Galway | 2 Apr 2019
Very bad managers
Every day you give something, Extra work Rooms are late for work guests leave at noon from the room, losing time. There is no time for a break. Poor organization. Everything has to be fast in a couple of hours   to clean 16 Rooms. Teach our supervisor of a woman who does the tricks Bad training And then the manager is angry as we do, Nobody is doing their job properly They do not respect housekeeping. Menader housekeeping She's always angry and nervous. Poor hotel management There are no guests throughout the year They're taking new people And there are no working days for old people.
ProsPorr food service
ConsOvertime unpaid, must be helping people, doing additional jobs that are not paid
Food and Beverage Assistant | Clondalkin, County Dublin | 29 Sept 2021
Don't do it unless you are stuck for cash
Very toxic HR and micro-managers. You will be expected to perform like it's your dream job, but you will be paid cents with no future prospects. The company try to seem nice with laughable "benefits" and "training" but really it's an awful place to work. I worked with senior staff that had been there for 10 years plus with no progression even though they were fabulous at their jobs. It's honestly sad, if this company looked after their staff better maybe there wouldn't be such a turn over. Regardless, avoid at all costs, they will exploit you as much as they can hahahaha.
ProsStaff members were nice
ConsAlmost everything else
Breakfast attedant | Dublin, County Dublin | 17 Nov 2015
Breakfast Attendant
Provide prompt and courteous service by greeting hotel guests. Prepare tables for meals, including setting up items such as linens, silverware and glassware. Keep food and beverages replenished during the service period. Keep serving counter and tables continually clean by wiping up spills and removing trash and thoroughly clean up after serving period. Remove dishes and glasses from table or counters, take them to kitchen for cleaning. Perform cleaning duties, such as sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming carpet, taking out trash. Fill salt, pepper, sugar, cream, condiment and napkin containers.
Kitchen Assistant | County Laois | 7 Jan 2021
The most enjoyable part of job was leaving
×Communication issues since day one. ×Head chef and kitchen assistant are married so a lot of polish language from start of shift to end. ×Unfair when alot of Irish staff. ×When not busy, 2 kitchen porters work one shift, on a busy bank holiday only one kitchen porter. ×The head chef didnt work on busy days. ×Holiday pay awarded but taken out of pay when leave employment. ×Not a good place to work. ×Overall rating of company is different to working at job location
ProsFree Meal & Work gear for duration of employment, online training.
ConsDouble shifts, bad pay, management problems.
Student Intern | North Dublin, County Dublin | 1 Aug 2013
Pleasant working environnment.
The most of the time the restaurant is busy, working 3-4 people serving tables and 2 chefs. I improved my English and my skills as waitress. I learnt to know the treatment with native people and foreigners. Two of my co-workers are my friends and We keep in touch. The hardest part in this job was left it because it was temporary as internship from the school. They always keep students working there. It was a very good experience which I am really grateful for the opportunity and have known those people who had a great treatment towards me.
Food and Beverage Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 15 Mar 2022
Company take advantage of staff
If you’re good at your job you will get to do the managers job for minimum wage and no chance of progression. Tips are very low and some managers on much higher pay take an equal cut each night. No shift rotation although this was promised multiple times so you will either work all morning shifts or get all night shifts which means no work like balance. Also worked full time but was told all contracts were 0 hour contracts but later found out others in the same position had full time contracts.
ProsStaff meals
ConsEverything else
Food and Beverage Assistant | Tallaght, County Dublin | 3 Jun 2015
fun place to work, great staff
I would get to work and immediately sign in at the front desk. After I would leave my belongings in the supplied locker room and proceed to the main bar. I would follow the directions of my supervisor and do the tasks set as efficiently as possible. If alone in the bar I would use any spare time cleaning and making the bar look as presentable as possible for customers. It is important that your workplace and staff are well presented and that staff are polite and eager to assist customers.
Prosfree lunch
Consdrunk customers

Questions and answers about Maldron Hotel

On average, how many hours do you work a day at Maldron Hotel?
Asked 7 Jan 2021
8 hours a day
Answered 22 May 2022
i didn't have stability hours, it was part time
Answered 10 Oct 2021
What time accomodation assistants start and finish their job?
Asked 16 Feb 2018
08:30 to 09:30 were standard start times, depending on the day
Answered 11 Apr 2022
Start 9am finish 5/5.30pm
Answered 15 May 2019
How are the working hours at Maldron Hotel?
Asked 17 May 2021
They ask you to stay longer and they are not paying you
Answered 30 Mar 2022
50 hours without a break
Answered 17 May 2021
What would you suggest Maldron Hotel management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked 17 Aug 2020
To provide more hours to work
Answered 28 Dec 2021
Pay attention in their employees and benefits
Answered 17 Aug 2020
What questions did they ask during your interview at Maldron Hotel?
Asked 6 Mar 2020
You're experience
Answered 4 Jun 2022
Standard questions, you can literally search up standard interview questions and they'd all be there
Answered 11 Apr 2022