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Program Assistant | Athy, County Kildare | 10 Feb 2014
Sometimes Frustrating
I found working as a Programme Assistant very enjoyable and interesting at times.I also drove the I.W.A Bus which involved collecting the service users from their homes and getting them safely back to the Centre. During my time with the I.W.A i studied for a range of Educational Programmes, these included receiving a D1 Bus Licence, Level 5 FETAC in Art and Level 6 inTrain the Trainer for which i recieved a Distinction. I have worked well both as a Team Member and I also worked on various tasks as an individual for the members.The hardest part of the job that i found difficult was to understand the Members needs in the environment which i was placed but after attending some Courses and learning about individual needs i soon got to enjoy my work.
ProsTeaching the Members how to do and achieve their tasks and goals.
ConsIt being a part-time job and not much scope to further myself.
Personal Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 27 Feb 2014
Considering it was a private residency where I worked, the IWA looked after me well they could not get a replacement job for me so was made redundant
The typical day at work for me was great. It was so challenging. My leader taught me to manage my job my time. I learnt to be comfortable with strangers as there were many people in the health department who came to do their work, nurses, doctors. Ots, physiotherapists, etc. The co-workers worked with me so well. The hardest part of the job was when she had to be admitted to hospital. She felt very very uncomfortable and I had to work from hospital. The job was so enjoyable most of the times. A lot of knowledge was acquired in the job it was always enjoyable whenever a job was done well and it was appreciated by her and the IWA.
ProsTime management was well managed. Felt at home always.
ConsThe wait for treatment or ambulance if ever my leader suddenly fell sick
Program Assistant | Galway, County Galway | 7 Mar 2016
Not enough hours to give the position it's potential
The job is an important one to me as I assist the Irish Wheelchair Association in their endeavours to promote independence and equality for persons with physical and sensory disabilities. Apart from everyday tasks and routines, no two days are the same. There is a constant demand from our service users for information, advice and assistance. My colleagues are a great help to me in providing those needs and I have learned a great deal from them. Health & Safety is probably the hardest part of my job, but it is a very important part of the organisation's work for the health & safety of our service users and my colleagues, so every aspect has to be reviewed regularly. The most enjoyable part is when we can relax with the service users, they are great company despite their hardships.
Personal Assistant | Kilkenny, County Kilkenny | 22 Jun 2021
Not very 'Service User' friendly
Clients were all very nice but some of the office staff i.e.shift scheduling officer was not. Although I believe that particulat person has moved elsewhere within the company (different geographical location) I only ever got weekend shifts (x14 calls) even though I asked for midweek also & after calling in genuinely sick one weekend with a flu, I had my calls reduced to x3 the following weekend, as a form of Punishment I believe. The other 11 clients had not cancelled, they just had their calls covered by another Personal Assistant who had been scheduled off that weekend, but was guilted into working, as she was told they were short staffed!!!! Not very Staff or Service User friendly in my opinion. Hence why I didnt stay with them very long..
Executive Assistant to CEO | Dublin, County Dublin | 23 Jun 2016
Great place to work
Great staff - everyone I work with is really lovely and all work very hard. It can be tough at times, with funding cuts- but in spite of that, the company have worked very hard to develop excellent policies &procedures and treat their staff very well. I am mainly office based, a typical day would be spent in meetings or on site visits to assess venues for accessibilty - for potential events. Best part of the job is seeing people of all abilities enjoying an event I've arranged, knowing that because of the work the company does, and my contribution to that, that we are creating a society that everyone can feel included in.
ProsFeeling that your work means something
ConsLimited promotional opportunities
Staff Member | Clontarf, County Dublin | 8 Jul 2014
Typical Work Day
Usually start work at 8.00am. Handover from night staff . Wash dress and toilet guests and bring them down to the dining room for breakfast.They decide what will happens on any given day. We usually have guests staying who are similar in age and interests. The Hospice only caters for 6 guests at a time This could be cinema, museums, shopping, the zoo, literary events. We usually eat out at lunch time. Come back to the Hospice. Some of the guests might want to rest, use the bathroom, have drinks. We settle them in the sitting room or their own rooms and the afternoon shift starts at 4.00pm. .
ProsTaking part in outings to activities I would'nt usually attend
ConsIf all the guests have severe disabilities
Personal Assistant | Clontarf, County Dublin | 17 Apr 2014
I got great exsperiance and total job satisfaction from this job it was a very rewarding position
I worked as a personal assistant and also worked in the rest bite center my days where to assist people with physical and mental disability's to live there lives as normal and happy as they possibility could my day would consist of showering the client and general house keeping the hardest part of the job was watching some of the situations some clients where living sometimes it was very upsetting.The most enjoyable part of this job was seeing the difference you where making to peoples lives.
ProsGreat exsperience
Conssometimes was hard to see peoples disabilities
General Operative | Athlone, County Westmeath | 4 Jan 2019
I would recommend Athlone Wheelchair Association for employment
I really enjoyed working for Athlone Wheelchair Association. A typical day for me was meeting and greeting the servicer users from the bus, helping with meals,facilitating activities and helping with day trips and holidays. I enjoyed chatting and socialising with the service users and because I was on a Community Enterprise Scheme which last three years the hardest part was having to leave, but I also learned that certain aspects of the job was not for me, so I will not be looking for work as a carer.
ProsDays out with Service Users
ConsOnly had funding for Two days a week
Personal Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 3 Oct 2016
Difficult job in hospitality
Extremely difficult job looking after a lady with multiple sclerosis, performing her daily tasks while dealing with her frustration. Wouldn't change a thing about it. Becoming apart of a team and helping to assist a lady that couldn't move a muscle in her body was both challenging and highly rewarding. The hardest part was dealing with the lady when she got highly frustrated but I could understand the level of difficulty she was having. The best part was getting to know her and becoming very close with her as well as developing a good team relationship with the other people around me.
Career Break | Dundalk, County Louth | 26 Sept 2020
Great platform for further work with people in a caring environment
A good steady schedule with the necessity to apply attention to the job at all times. Management appeared rather detached from the reality of a day to day procedure. The managing was controlled with management absent from the on site location of transport routine. However my involvement with I W A was in conjunction with FAS where I don't have the opening to comment on all areas of the association
ProsA good reference to transporting people in need
ConsNot very accessible to reach if in need
Personal Care Assistant | Wexford, PA | 7 Feb 2019
Avoid IWA Wex, absolute joke to work for
I had to wait 4 months to get a service user and at that they wanted to bring in my fellow colleagues whom already had plenty of hours between them. Mileage between clients is paid for but it is a pittance. They seem to pick and choose who to give hours to in the Wexford office. I had no hours for 4 months but I later found out Wex office were giving new clients to my colleagues who had more than enough hours. The bullying I witnessed from one carer was ridiculous and IWA will do nothing about it unless the client makes a complaint. I came back from maternity leave to 2 hours a day with no reassurances that they would give me more hours. My lovely manager didn't even have the good grace to return my new employers phone calls for a reference. The Dublin office was brilliant they always sorted out everything for me. Overall I'd advise people to avoid IWA Wex as they promise you everything and deliver nothing.
ProsClients and a few colleagues
ConsEverything else

Questions and answers about Irish Wheelchair Association

How would you describe the pace of work at Irish Wheelchair Association?
Asked 20 Aug 2019
It depends on the sector your in but I find working with one person full time suits me more and I find it less time consuming than working with 3/4 different clients
Answered 27 Mar 2021
This is it, you are going from house to house, it's not 9 to 5,you have to be flexible, and if a Cliant passes away, it can be upsetting for the Carer.
Answered 9 Oct 2019
Does Irish Wheelchair Association require pre-employment background checks? What kind of background check does Irish Wheelchair Association do and how long does it take to complete?
Asked 9 Aug 2018
Yes they have a garda vetting form which usually takes a week or so
Answered 7 Feb 2020
Garda Clearance and employment references
Answered 23 Nov 2018
Do the service users have complete autonomy over who works with them ?
Asked 8 Jul 2018
Yes they do
Answered 20 Aug 2019
No. Staff are employed by the company.
Answered 23 Nov 2018
Hi What hours are available to work. Is it full time/part time
Asked 25 May 2017
Part time on a full time basis
Answered 17 Oct 2020
It is a part time job on Tuesday's and Wednesday's from 9am-4pm
Answered 9 Aug 2018
What was the most challenging part of your role at Irish Wheelchair Association?
Asked 7 Apr 2022
Finding cover for when your unwell
Answered 12 Jun 2022
There weren’t any big issues to be dealt with
Answered 7 Apr 2022