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Shop Assistant | Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin | 14 Mar 2013
Fun work environment and interesting job.
Typical day would involve working on the cash register and helping customers. Tidying up. Keeping an eye on merchandise and working in the back room labeling,ironing and pricing merchandise. I learnt how to work as a team, how to work with the general public such as paying customers,dotations, enquiries and defusing a issue. I learnt how to use a register and was responsible for the money the shop made getting to the bank and being lodged. My manager and co manager were very helpful and nice people to work with. I learnt alot about the shop from them and followed their intructions and when I needed to enquire about an item they also helped out. The hardest part of the job was multi-tasking like helping customers,cleaning and tidying. Dealing with the public was my favourite part and it helped my communications skills improve.
Proswork experience and good work environment.
Consnothing i can think of.
Sales Assistant | Cork, County Cork | 18 Apr 2018
Great people, fun work place.
I had a great time working in The Irish Cancer Society shop. It was great work experience that I learned techniques that I will hold onto for future jobs. A typical day at work included tagging clothes and putting price tags onto the items, then bringing the items down to the shop floor and putting them out where they should be. I would then interact with customers if they needed my help. I also helped a worker at the till. The managers at the shop were all really nice and helpful, they made sure I was never standing around and I always had something to do. I loved the environment of the shop, the workers were so friendly and made me feel so welcome. The hardest part of the job was bringing down the boxes from upstairs as they were sometimes quite heavy. The most enjoyable part of the job was tslking to the customers and helping them with whatbthey needed.
ProsLovely Co-workers
Conslifting heavy boxes down the stairs
Shop Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 22 Nov 2018
Great environment to work
Most days are spent picking up clothes from the floor dues to customers just trowing things with out any consideration. I've learned to operate a till do cash counting for morning float. The manager i considered a role model for me she has lit a desire in me to have a career in retail. All of the staff are great i have set up a once a month Thursday night bar outing for the staff and even tho i no longer work there the night still happens i go to catch up when i can as i consider most of the staff i met my friends. I say most because the shop gets volunteers so i don't know a lot of the new staff. For me personally now that i look back on it the hardest part was picking what i was gonna have for lunch each day. It was a joy to work there and my favorite part was on the till during slow times just talking to customers and making them feel welcome.
Prosone hour lunch, nice co-workers
Constoo repetitive
Addetto/a alla vendita | County Dublin | 22 Sept 2018
Ambiente lavorativo stimolante e flessibile
La mia tipica giornata di lavoro consisteva nel riordinare il negozio, ordinare per taglia e colore gli abiti, servire i clienti, stare alla cassa e aiutare i colleghi nelle difficoltà. Da questa esperienza ho innanzitutto incrementato notevolmente il mio livello di inglese, arrivando ad ottenere un'ottima padronanza della lingua inglese; ho imparato la gestione del lavoro e la coordinazione nel lavorare tutti insieme. Il mio team era molto piacevole e disponibile, riuscivano a rendere divertenti anche giorni più impegnativi e duri. La parte più difficile era riuscire a gestire in maniera precisa ed accurata la situazione generale quando il negozio era pieno di gente.
ProsAmbiente piacevole e rilassante
Estoquista | Dublin, County Dublin | 7 Oct 2013
Empresa dedicada a ajudar, dinâmica e simples
Com turnos de 4 horas de trabalho por dia, normalmente começando 13 h, eu iria conferir as caixas ou sacos de doações recebidas, separando os artigos em tipos, por exemplo: roupas, brinquedos, livros... Depois dessa separação, eu selecionava as roupas que poderiam ser vendidas das que teriam que ser descartadas, limpava elas, e entregava para a pessoal responsável por etiquetar e determinar o preço. Carregava os sacos de roupas que deveriam ser descartadas para a reciclagem e então caso já não houvesse nada mais a selecionar, iria para a loja ajudar com a organização e com os clientes.
ProsBom ambiente de trabalho
Conssem remuneração
Volunteer | Limerick, County Limerick | 26 Jan 2017
Fun and Productive Workplace
• Responsible for ensuring stock was presented in a neat and orderly fashion and shop was neat and tidy at all times. • Responsible for sorting and recording details of donations and organisation and maintenance of stockroom and regular stock-takes. • Responsible for provision of friendly and welcoming customer service and processing customer transactions. The hardest part of the job was carrying the donation bags downstairs, but I got used to it. The most enjoyable part of the job was chatting to customers and staff alike. It was a lovely place to work in.
ProsCustomer Service experience, retail experience, nice hours, nice staff
Cashier/Sales | Wicklow, County Wicklow | 2 Sept 2016
Voluntary Work
From the day I started working in the Cancer Society I absolutely loved my job, everyone was always so welcoming and positive and wonderful to be around. My main work I did was managing the till and making sure the shop floor stayed tidy, I also worked in the back of the store, mainly with clothes. There were days when there was a serious amount of work to get through but I work best under pressure so they were some of my best days. Over all it was a wonderful atmosphere to work in, my colleagues worked very well together as a team and the customers were very friendly and polite.
ProsWorking with wonderful people.
ConsI can't think of any.
Insider | Dublin, County Dublin | 2 Mar 2020
Fun Workplace
It was a lively atmosphere, the staff are very nice to the customers, i learned many communication skills, as well as retail sales techniques. Probably the hardest part of the job was putting the clothes on the racks, it was hard to tell which had to go where, it was color co-ordinate but there were some clothes that had multiple colors on them so it had hard to tell where they would go. As for the most enjoyable part of the job, it would be doing the steaming, ironing the clothes, getting all the creases out of the clothes, i had a staff member with me when i was doing it, so i had some company t talk to.
PRO | Ballinasloe, County Galway | 7 Mar 2013
Interesting and diverse
A typical day involved designing leaflets, posters etc as well as advertising the charitable events. I learned to work well as part of a team and gained valuable life and work experience. Co-workers were lovely as was management, as they understood everyone and did their best to suit everyone. The hardest part of the job was advertising. Many businesses and media outlets were reluctant to provide free or reduced rate advertising for us, even though we would offer them free advertising on the night. Overall however, it was a brilliant place to work.
Prosnice colleagues, interesting, creative
Conslong hours, voluntary, stressful
Shop Assistant | Drogheda, County Louth | 22 Oct 2018
Pleasant work atmosphere and coworkers
I personally work there as a volunteer, so I cannot comment on salary. However, I really enjoy working with them. I work at the Charity Shop in Drogheda, together with some really pleasant people. The shop sells second-hand clothing, and my job consists of preparing these garments for sale by tagging and steaming them, and hanging them in the shop. While the job does require some stamina, it is never too exhausting and does not get boring.
ProsNice and diversified atmosphere
ConsSlightly physically taxing
Retail Sales Associate | Dublin, CA | 15 Feb 2017
A fun and Challenging place to work The Irish Cncer Society
A typical day in the Irish Cancer Society Would begin with Delivery of bags of clothes being dropped off to the store.The bags of clothes would have to be sorted what was being kept would have to be stem cleaned and priced before they were put on the shop floor.What clothes were not being kept were put back in to new bags and was collected by a collection driver.While the clothes were being sorted you also had to maintain the shop floor by tiding the clothes rails,dealing with customers needs and keeping the shop floor just general clean.
ProsFun environment to work in.
ConsLack of help from the delivery drivers in bring in the bags of clothes.into the store

Questions and answers about Irish Cancer Society

What is the interview process like at Irish Cancer Society?
Asked 5 Oct 2017
There was none for me but I’d say it’s short
Answered 23 Mar 2019
General chat and conversation
Answered 31 Jul 2018
How are the working hours at Irish Cancer Society?
Asked 10 May 2018
5 days per week, 8 hour shifts, from 9.30am to 5pm
Answered 22 Nov 2018
You can come in at 10 when it opens and work until closing they dont really have a timetable if you want to stay longer they dont mind
Answered 10 May 2018
Why would you want to work at Irish Cancer Society?
Asked 5 Oct 2017
To give my time to those who need it
Answered 31 Jul 2018
Very welcoming to newcomers, great staff and a great experience overall.
Answered 5 Oct 2017
Was your hard work acknowledged at Irish Cancer Society?
Asked 5 Aug 2019
Yes with a thank you at end of day.
Answered 5 Aug 2019
What is the Irish Cancer Society employee discount?
Asked 5 Aug 2019
No discount.
Answered 5 Aug 2019