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Shop Supervisor | County Dublin | 23 Feb 2015
Enjoyable but insecure work place.
Work was physically demanding, lifting boxes up and down two flights of stairs every day to the stock room. But this didn't bother me too much, it was tiring but do-able. I learnt how to run a shop, how to delegate work among employee's, how to work tills, deal with money. How to do back office work and make orders. I gained experience in merchandising, sales and customer care. I opened up and locked up in the evening, also making me responsible for cash flow/ lodgements, security of the shop etc. The managers in the shop I worked in were very good to work for, they completely trusted me with all the responsibilities in the shop.My co-workers were easy to work with, the boys too lazy but usually no trouble. The hardest part of the job was the physical labor and trying to deal with theft/ unpleasant clientele without a security guard. I never felt safe while working there, especially not when locking up/ dealing with money. The most enjoyable part was the people I worked with. I had the best co-workers i've ever had. They made doing the job a fun / pleasant thing to do. Big issue was the lack of opportunity to move up through management or to make better wages. You are literally just a replaceable figure in their system/ corporation.
ProsGreat Manager and assistant manager in my shop.
ConsLack of security in the working place. No security guard or shutters.
Sales Assistant | Ireland | 7 Jul 2019
Challenging and rewarding but let down by poor management
Management is actually appalling they don't care about welfare of employees. I worked here for 3 months as part of a summer job and never once did any management give me an ounce of praise. I have a learning disability and it seems like I was singled out because of it. They punish you for showing initiative you need to follow exactly what they say and your instantly reprimanded for not doing so. Management sits in the office while your out on the floor on your own this makes them very unapproachable. Aside from management the job did have its fair share of challenges such as helping customers find items on the shelves, and I found the "face off" to be particularly challenging took me a few weeks to get into it. Dealing with customers who are short with you and spill out all their change on the counter for you to count are also particularly challenging. However the job is also extremely rewarding there's no better feeling than a customer appreciating you and the work you have done for them. They may be few and far in between but its always worth it
ProsLunch breaks are an hour Staff themselves are friendly
ConsExtremely poor management No guarentee of working from one week to the next
Shop Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 13 Jan 2015
Intense and nice people to work with.
Like in most work place relating with shops, i work with cash machine ( serving costumers ) or dealing with products. I improve me knowledge about serving costumers especially dealing with costumers complaints. Most of the experience i improve with dealing with shop products, make sure they are in the right place. Don't have opinion about management, don't have any complaints. Co workers are were nice people to work with very friendly and helpful.The hardest think in work place dealing with costumers complaints. Enjoyable part its to help costumers and feel good about your self knowing that you can be helpful and useful.
ProsHelpful co workers
ConsLate hours
Sales Assistant | Swords, County Dublin | 15 Nov 2022
A soul crushing reality of retail
If you want to feel your soul quickly crumble as you realize the routine of a 9-6:45 shift is all you have in life that this is the company for you. Come get screamed at over 50c by people you pray you'll never see again but no matter what they always come back. Work yourself into nothingness for the wonderful prize of minimum wage that will never cover the price of therapy you'll need after working here. Realize you are accomplishing nothing and you are stagnating and just praying your next shift inst as bad as the last but ultimately it is much much worse.
Prosnew outlook on life
Conscustomers are a different breed!
Retail Sales Associate | Bray, County Wicklow | 25 Jul 2017
Productive and Hardworking
Main duties where stock packing and pricing, would start of the day by unloading the pallets of stock from the back and stocking the store floor. The leftover stock that wasn't used was put in the back to use if needed. Facing off at the end of the day and ensuring all stock was priced. Assisting customers if they have questions or queries based on products or deals we may of had in store at the time. Cleaning the store floor before closing. As this was just work experience I hope it gives you an insight about some of the duties.
ConsLong days
Customer Service Representative | Dublin, County Dublin | 13 Feb 2021
Horrible place
I would never recommend working there even for my enemies, horrible workplace, horrible and disrespectful customers, shopping always full of junkies, no security for employees always intimidated by robbing . No benefits for employees, just the hassle of pushing staff to do loads earning the minimum wages without any respect for the employees as they asked to be fully flexible meaning we never know the schedule ahead you should be always available for the company and always understaffed so far the worst job I ever had
Store Manager | Letterkenny, County Donegal | 19 Jan 2021
Supportive Area Manager/ Head office Team
I found Eurogiant to be an excellent company to work for, fast paced and exciting, my time there was short however I would have no trouble recommending this company to colleagues. The area manager and head office team were very supportive and other store managers and store teams were more than helpful anytime they were asked they went over and above to support me as a new member of the team. Great company and fantastic people.
ProsGreat support, autonomy to get on with the job
ConsSome systems a little out dated but minor
Assistant Manager | Dublin, County Dublin | 28 Jul 2021
Not a great company to work for
Bad management, poor staff, no support from anyone in a higher position. Hr were a joke. In this company I spent weeks trying to be part of a team. The team there had already been together for a while. The manager put me down at every opportunity, the supervisors never helped and just made you feel like they were better and you didn’t belong in that store or company. The wage was terrible, 40 hours a week for less than 400 euro. Not a great company and I would recommend it to anyone.
ProsNo real pros
ConsLong hours, no respect, bad atmosphere
Sales Assistant | Ireland | 1 Apr 2022
would not recommend
Managers highly unorganized, not treating staff in a nice manner, no opportunities to learn something as managers have no clue what to do due their unexperience and are doing personal stuff during working hours.Staff has to do absolutely everything and very often one person was left on the shop floor to do the till, tidy the shopfloor, stock shelves etc. Health and safety doesn't exist there!The only nice thing were colleagues,amazing and hardworking people,but management, would rate zero stars.
Sales Assistant | Cork, County Cork | 1 Oct 2015
Busy and challenging place to work but customers make it worth while.
The shop is bang in the middle of a busy street. You learn early on to work efficiently but to always take time to help a customer properly. Working in such a big shop can be a challenge but I enjoy maintaining the shop's appearance and high standards. The most difficult part of the job for me is dealing with a lot of customers when you're short staffed it can be difficult to stay calm. The most enjoyable part of the job is getting to work with the public.

Questions and answers about EuroGeneral Ltd

Why would you want to work at Eurogeneral Ltd?
Asked 26 Mar 2017
Good place to start working in retail because of its high paced environment
Answered 19 Jun 2019
Busy shop , good work hours
Answered 28 Feb 2019
How is feedback from management delivered at Eurogeneral Ltd?
Asked 11 May 2022
Non existent theirs no communication!!
Answered 22 Nov 2022
In the most negative way possible
Answered 20 Jul 2022
What is the dress code at Eurogeneral Ltd?
Asked 7 Jun 2019
Black company shirt, black trousers, black shoes
Answered 10 Apr 2022
Casual, t shirt or jumper and jeans
Answered 12 Jan 2022
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Eurogeneral Ltd?
Asked 7 Jun 2019
Know about the company, they do friendly sales compitions almost with other stores. Can drive you to do better.
Answered 10 Nov 2020
Dont bother
Answered 22 Oct 2019
What is the interview process like at Eurogeneral Ltd?
Asked 21 May 2018
Very easy
Answered 28 Jul 2021
They didnt even interview me, I got a call and was hired over the phone by the HR manager. I should have ran away at that stage
Answered 28 Jun 2018