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Store Manager | Dublin, County Dublin | 15 Aug 2019
dont do it to yourself
This company are reactive never proactive they set unrealistic targets for management with the lower base duty managers put under huge pressure to complete tasks that their pay grade does not warrant. With the parent company pound land and the senior management having no idea how to run a store except on a spreadsheet think that they know it all and continuously change things and expect stores to implement 100% yesterday. When things are not met to standards they do not look at things realistically it's just your fault and the senior management do nothing to back up their stores and have very short memories when things are not going their way. The colleagues that you work with are on basic wage and work hard but are made feel just as under appreciated as the stores managers by these gestapo style people who think that a summary on a piece of paper by some genius in an office is how a store operates. I have had some really good people work with me that literally feel like dirt that are on a roller coaster of emotion because of these people & lack of management support outside of the our management team. You bleed for your store & your colleagues do too just to be knocked down on a regular basis that saps your moral and the moral of your team which makes you wonder why you do it at all. Structure in stores change more than the weather and then again & again because some person has a brainwave thats going to reinvent things so it's easier but it never does & then it ha
ProsSome of the hard working lower level managers & colleagues you work with
Supervisor | Sligo, County Sligo | 3 Jan 2023
Toxic work environment
I started working for dealz in around may or June (can’t remember), at the start it was ok but I remember on my first day of training I was supposed to be shown a lot of things but they stuck me in the office doing training on a computer which wasn’t working properly from 8-5. On my first official day I was told about a trolley in the warehouse that had products to be put on the floor (wasn’t shown where it was). I asked the manager where it was and she kept answering at the other side of the shop like I knew where it was. After 1 month I began to get uncomfortable with the pace. I had been given out to for not doing my job fast enough when I had explained to them in the interview about doing a specific job slow to get it right. Then the day of my birthday I was told I was having a meeting with the manager and assistant about continuing on from my probation period. After that date and meeting I knew they didn’t want to give me a second chance. Their was many times I want home from work and cried because of a stressful environment. Also the colleague card you apparently get that after 2months but I was told it was after 4 months.
ProsLocation, what else?
ConsWage, long hours, short shift notice, no social life, notice for holidays, not being paid for being in the shop after hours. The list could go on.
Sales Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 31 Jan 2022
fine for a short time
working here was not the best experience I have personally had in retail. The company needs to change and do so much better for its employees. For a start they could start paying their staff so much better than they are. If you are under 18 they do not pay you the full minimum wage and on Sunday's and public holidays your time is paid at the minimum they can get away with which is time and one fifth. Most of my managers were nice and friendly except for one who was never thankful and stressed everybody out when they were in. During the pandemic a lot of the time there was nothing to wipe down the surfaces with. The company treated it as though covid was an interference and treated everything the same as it always was. We were expected to do so much for so little in return. Acting as though nothing happened they still kept their targets for wanting their customers to be served by a person at the till. There were times the self service machines had gone too high in their usage that management would close them and send them to us at the tills. We were given a flimsy clipboard and paper to count how many were allowed in the store making a difficult job a thousand times worse.
Proswe eventually got a 10% staff discount in the store...
Conspay treated like a number
Duty Manager | Dublin, County Dublin | 9 Feb 2022
Fast paced environment
I worked as a staff for almost 4 years and the workload did not compensate for the wages. Security issues all the time in the Dublin stores. Some days security man working and some days no security at all. The place regularly gets fleeced (many items stolen) and a lot of the times staff gets abused by customers for over petty things. When I worked as a duty manager I was expected with sky high expectations, again, the salary poorly reflects the amount of workload you get. The staff is generally friendly but you get a lot of the workers who don't want to pull their weight and others have to pick up their slack. Lets not forget the constant gossip behind your back. No training provided as a staff, you just watch some other staff and hope to god you catch on. No proper training given to me as a manager either as the store manager and the assistant manager constantly busy with trying to come up with ways of making more money for the company. You get a discount voucher you can only use in the store during Christmas which expires in 2 days. Overall a 35 out of 100 experience.
ProsGood for students
ConsNo Benefits or Perks No proper Training Wages/Salaries often wrong
Sales Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 22 Jul 2022
Toxic work environment
I worked here for years and gave my all to the job. I let the job get the better of me and it was quite damaging to my mental health. The problem lies at the top of this company, regional and area managers put the pressure on your store, assistant and duty managers and it falls into a domino effect. Majority of area managers and above don't even give staff a second look never mind a polite hello when your employees are the ones keeping the store afloat. Over the years I managed multiple store sections, was good at my job and liked what I did but the pressure and expectations are unbelievable. I along with many other people had conflicting relationships with managers, some were brilliant and few were just not fit to be managers. The pay is shocking for the level of work you do and the hours. The company work around "unsociable hours" so that they can squeeze as much without extra pay. Only good thing is working your way up but despite being pushed to progress, it was never worth it stepping up.
ProsCareer progression
ConsBad pay, high expectations, unsociable hours that didn't reflect in wages, bad leadership from top down
Sales Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 28 Feb 2022
Unfair salary and overloaded work leading to exhaustion
While my time at Dealz was questionably decent, there are a lot of things that need to improve within this entire company. Below minimum wage staff (U18s) were paid little to nothing, with no break unless they work over 4 hours in which you got zero time to eat and calm down(15 minutes if you're lucky), by getting shouted at by angry customers for not having specific stock and duty managers for not being quick enough on your first week. Store manager was very friendly and frankly the only member of staff with determination, which is off putting. The store assistants had zero enthusiasm, which makes the store as a whole look unpleasant. Store was always tense as there was a lot of robberies and with no security 99% of the time, we were put at risk for catching robbers and making till staff or store manager aware over headset. Staff talk behind your back a lot, even when you thought you got along with them the most in the store.
Prosgood for students/people looking to start off
Conslong hours with no breaks
Sales Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 31 May 2016
Hard working and good employee morale.
A typical day at work for me is to clock in at the desired time of the employer and work in an environment where us as employees are respected for the work that may be used in the workplace and the same for us as employees to treat the employer with respect. I have learned a lot from working in Dealz Ireland they treated me very well and thought me all that I know about facing off, till and money managing. Most co- workers were friendly and easy to work with because they were willing to work as a team to achieve the same goal that is needed in any business or working environment. Working in a Youth Club has thought me a lot about children and youths and has made me more aware of the issues and scenarios that could or has happened. I recently recieved my Child protection course certificate and currently in the middle of being Garda vetted. I love this type of work as the children and youths are great fun and we all as a Youth Club have built up trust with each and every one of them which is an achievement in my eyes.
Duty Manager | Port Laoise, County Laois | 20 Sept 2016
Unorganised company lacking in future developments with a friendly staff atmosphere.
A typical day in work is dealing with thousands of customers, the organising and execution of tasks with a large team to manage, identifying and fixing any problems that occur big or small, the handling of large sums of money and opening and closing of the cash office, payroll and administration and the opening and closing of the store. I have learned a lot whilst working for Dealz such as organisational skills, management and team leading skills, administrative skills and working towards deadlines. The hardest part of the job can be dealing with the public as our core demographic can be problematic at times including dealing with threats on a daily basis, it is also the most rewarding part of the job as delivering a great service to a customer is both fulfilling and self rewarding.
ProsGreat co-workers
ConsHighly underpaid, underappreciated and unorganised.
Manager | Dublin, County Dublin | 2 May 2019
Difficult and negative business to work for!
Not a great business to work for, only 4 weeks new manager training then straight into a shop, limited support from area management/head office . Issues in their payroll department caused by people leaving mean they don’t pay their managers/staff correctly (overtaxing staff, not paying pay rises, change of position increases). Poor hours, being asked to come in on your day off with only a few hours notice. Stressful, challenging environment, use of a store labour model means not enough hours given to keep a store in effective order (deliveries,housekeeping) . High turnover of staff,store management and area management. No extra pay for Sunday’s and issues claiming back days owed/in lieu from bank holidays,overtime,etc.
ProsFree coffee and tea!!
ConsLong unsociable hours, poor training and job guidance, poor support given from HR/payroll
Sales Assistant | Dublin, County Dublin | 19 Dec 2021
Worked with really nice people but management was awful
Really stressful and fast paced environment. You have to put up with a lot of negatives from customers and there isn’t good support from management. Your almost expected to work as a security guard and a cleaner. As the security guard doesn’t start til late morning but it’s staff’s fault when there’s shoplifting and there too mean to hire cleaners so after a 7 hour shift your expected to do a closing e.x thorough cleaning, mopping, changing all bins, sweeping, clean the toilets and at one point whoever was cleaning the canteen was expected to clean the dirty dishes from colleagues throughout the day!! Which is extremely difficult and unacceptable when you’ve been standing up on tills for 7 hours as there are no seats allowed at tills.
ProsColleagues were nice
Sales Assistant | Dubai | 16 Mar 2015
Long time there
Long time meaning since they started here in Ireland which felt long enough. Its pretty much like any retail job, stalking selves, low pay and the usual tasks of tills and dealing with the public. I was a section head so avoided tills for a good bit of it. While it got me through college after I took a year out and went full time. Was grand up until christmas then after they told us about changes in the company. A new 'warehouse on wheels'. No notice given what so ever, just came in and seen that our hours were cut. Went from getting between 30-35 hours a week down to 20. No reason, no loss in sales just put in this policy were we only get 20 hours doing five four hours shifts a week, any extra hours even when its busy was a no no. Only recommend this place for people who only want part time work with no benefits from it or college students. Apart from that I enjoyed some parts like my colleagues, had some good work bants. Sundays were also good for the pay as well. I learned basic retail skills. Alright for a starting career in retail but not a long term gig. Management don't even make much money unless they are high up on the scale. The company is not known for its efficiency, nightmare to get sorted out with tax and forms when you leave. Management do not seem to know what they are doing most of the time. Its very much a power play, sales assistants treated bad by a good few higher ups. Duty managers being there two weeks telling me what I've been doing the last fe
Prosfellow staff members, work nights out, lovely christmas bonus of a 10% off voucher saved 15 cents on my lunch one day, free jumpers I guess, learn tills/stacking etc
Consshort shifts, low pay, management, the company overall
Cajero/a Reponedor/a | Leganés, Madrid provincia | 29 Mar 2017
Lo mejor y sobre todo el buenísimo ambiente de trabajo
Actualmente trabajo en esta empresa, lo compagino con mis estudios en todo momento se vuelcan en ayudarte y facilitarte los horarios, mientras avises con antelación. He trabajado en grandes empresas de hogar y tecnología como IKEA, FNAC y la verdad jamás he tenido un ambiente de trabajo tan bueno como en esta empresa, somos una familia, sinceramente voy siempree con muchas ganas, no hay trucos de horarios ni cosas raras, tienes tus días libres cada 5 días o 6 días tienes 2 días y cada mes te dan 4 seguidos, no te hacen o fuerzan hacer horas extras no remuneradas, son respetuosos con tu vida privada, cuando libras nadie te está taladrando o diciéndote cosas del trabajo, si libras libras y nadie te obliga o te intenta forzar para que ese día trabajes y te lo cambien para otro día. Sinceramente no he tenido jamás mejor jefe como el que tengo, es cercano, muy respetuoso, se preocupa por sus empleados, siempre que necesitamos cualquier cosa, ya sea de horarios o cualquier cosa responde enseguida, los supervisores son lo mejor también. El contrato que me ofrecieron fue indefinido con 3 meses de prueba. Si eres activo, trabajas rápido y sabes vender y tratar muy bien al cliente cosa que para ellos es primordial al menos en mi tienda, estás dentro Yo tengo jornada de 20 horas semanales
ProsDEALZ la mejor experiencia que he tenido
| Andalucía | 19 Aug 2020
Nefasta . Se cargaron el equipo en dos semanas
Antes de hacernos un erte echaron a gente por no superar el periodo de prueba ( cosa que era falsa pero se ahorraban 2 duros) después nos recortaron personal , inventándose cosas por lo que la mayoria de los despidos eran improcedentes y han tomado sus medidas legales. Las horas que haces de mas no las pagan ni devuelven recursos humanos dice que son voluntarias ( mentira obligadas) al volver del erte se comieron un dia el dia de preparación de tienda no nos dieron de alta ni no lo pagaron ( decian que era error del sepe) este mismo dia de montaje trabajamos unas 12 horas y nos hicieron firmar un papel que decia que solo trabajamos 4 . si te vas de la empresa y no avisas 15 dias antes tienes que pagarles una sancion , pero ellos te pueden despedir sin avisar de un dia para otro . Cuabdo venian jefes querian que te quedaras todo el dia si no estabas mal vista . Si el store manager se confundía en algo , la culpa era de los staff o de los super plus porque el te la echaba a ti . Y desmentia a media plantilla delante del store area !!! Empezamos un equipo ilusionado y con buen ambiete ha pasado menos de un año y con un erte por medio estamos qurmados y sin ganas de trabajar .
ProsNinguno .
ConsTodos !!!!

Questions and answers about Dealz

What is the promotion process like at Dealz?
Asked 3 Dec 2022
Answered 25 Apr 2023
The promotion process is quite simple, they are a hire from with-in sthle company, giving current employees promotion opportunities before looking for a new hire
Answered 12 Mar 2023
How often do you get a pay rise at Dealz?
Asked 23 Nov 2022
Every January
Answered 20 Mar 2023
Not a lot just when minimum wage goes up
Answered 12 Mar 2023
How often do pay rises occur at Dealz?
Asked 13 Aug 2020
For managers almost impossible to get one. For sales associates only when minimum wage goes up.
Answered 2 May 2023
Answered 12 Mar 2023
What benefits does Dealz offer?
Asked 28 Nov 2022
10oercents off for staff using staff card
Answered 9 Mar 2023
store discount, online deals
Answered 5 Mar 2023
What is a typical day like for you at the company?
Asked 6 Jan 2023
Answered 3 May 2023
Back breaking
Answered 24 Apr 2023