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Assistant Manager | Longwood, County Meath | 1 Mar 2022
Overworked and underpaid
I worked at Boylesports for 4 years, The ONLY reason I stayed as long as I did, was because I love the people I worked with everyday and have made lifelong friends. Boylesports as a company, treat their staff terribly. The pay does not equal the workload you are asked to take on, they have no regard for personal lives or mental health, you are expected to be available to work any day any where, and are punished if you don't. It's absolutely crazy how overworked the staff are, also any extra hours you work don't count towards your holiday pay, so if you are on a 24 hour contract, but average 40, you are only getting paid 24 hours holiday pay. Other problems are - breaks are unpaid, you are moved around different shops at the last minute, the rotas only get completed on thursday/friday and the week starts from sunday so you can't plan your life properly. It's also extremely unsafe. You have no screens in front of your till and no security guards, even though you're dealing with large amounts of money and often drunk and/or angry people. The shop I worked in was all only young girls and we on many occasions felt unsafe and scared working. I know every induvial shop is different, but as an overall company, I wouldn't recommend to anyone.
Deputy Manager | North Dublin, County Dublin | 13 Jun 2021
Horrible place to work
I worked with boyles for a good few years and my overall experience was not pleasant. The hours are ridiculously long no time to do anything else especially when you work a few days in a row. The staff turnover is the worst I’ve ever seen. People come and go every few weeks. The company is always stook for staff and senior management are always hassling retail employees to work more hours and make you feel bad if you don’t. There was many occasions where I was left alone because someone called in sick and they didn’t have any staff to send out. If your sick in work there’s no chance of leaving. Last summer I was ill with the possibility that it could have been covid and I was told I couldn’t leave because of lack of staff even though the rules clearly said if you have covid symptoms staff member must be sent home! The wages are also very low probably the main reason people always leave. Long and stressful hours for little money. Only good thing about the job is the staff. Most staff are very friendly and easy to get along with. Wouldn’t recommend this job to anyone
ProsFriendly staff and they give a Christmas bonus
ConsUnsociable long hours and low pay
Shop Manager | Dublin, County Dublin | 10 Aug 2020
Horrible company to work for
Stay well away from this company, Staff are not valued/appreciated for their work, managers deal with situations in an unprofessional manner, sick days your more likely to get a disciplinary than to be asked if you're okay. They overwork you to the backbone for very little pay and no staff incentive, you dont get thanked for nothing and I've worked with a lot of staff and a lot of high up managers that just literally do nothing but talk and give out about each other. I wouldnt reccomend this company to anyone
ProsMade me more confident confronting people, I had to confront both management and customer.
ConsHorrible company, 12/13 hour shifts, Managers/Staffing managers think theyre above you and can talk to you how they like, very low pay for the work and shifts done, instead of giving like double pay for a sunday they give you a tenth, literally an extra €1 for every hour worked, sometimes youve to go without a break and very undertrained staff!
Shop Manager | Dublin, County Dublin | 30 Jul 2021
Horrible place to work
Working at boyles destroys your social life, the hours are terrible- 12 hour shifts and 13 hours on a Saturday- sometimes you work alone and there’s no security to deal with threatening and abusive customers. You will get abuse, verbal and sometimes physical on a daily basis- management will never back you up and will always side with the customer. Full timers work 5 days a week, 12/13 hours a day and they WILL call you to work extra days and will not take no for an answer. If you do say no, they will mess with your Rota, make you work all weekends, and ship you out to other shops to make it difficult for you to say no again. Regional managers are disgraceful and so unprofessional they will scream over the phone at you and to your face. This is genuinely the most horrible place to ever work for, and it will turn you off customer based jobs for life.
ProsAbsolutely nothing
ConsEverything, nothing good about this place
Assistant Manager | Gorey, County Wexford | 23 May 2022
Good people, bad industry
As my first job I felt welcomed by the amount of care, and attention to being trained properly. The staff in all the shops I worked in were amazing and friendly. HR helps out where they can and you are trained quickly and you can make it manager with good time and skill. Downsides are they pay the worst out of the other bookies. The benefits are not great but enough to keep you comfy. Plus the 12 -13 hour days in the shop really start to drain you after awhile. That and customers can treat you awfully over money and you don't feel entirely safe because of some violent characters. I cant say much else but the people in the company are all amazing and nice. Lots of flexible work hours but your all on call essentially to cover your shop and feel bad due to it. Pros - Good People, flexible hours, quick and effective training. Cons- Long hours, bad compared pay, pressure in stressful times.
Deputy Manager | Tralee, County Kerry | 22 Sept 2019
Simply put it very close to modern day slavery
The job advancent stars on this are misleading, you have advancement because if you last 6 months in a shop you could well be the manager by default because everyone else has left due to the horrendous condition, almost all of the canteens in the shops are in the toilet so you can eat your sandwiches while your colleagues do their business. Third world stuff Ridiculous long shifts, 13hours day but the expected opening and closing of the shop can take longer possibly a 14 hour day, you will not be paid for overtime in this respect. Staff shortage is extreme so they expect you to travel country to different shops at drop of a hat, cover shops alone, this means no regular toilet or lunch breaks when your alone. Standerds expected are high but lack of staff to train prevents this. Abuse from customers is simply laughed at by higher management
Deputy Manager | Dublin, County Dublin | 29 Sept 2021
It literally takes over your life
I’ve worked for Boylesports part time for over 5 years, the only thing that actually gets me through my day are the other staff members, if I could be just left in my own shop but you’re moved without being asked constantly. Management are constantly asking staff to work extra hours and your made to feel guilty if you can’t help out. They really need to review the wages, absolutely awful!! 13 hour shifts, say goodbye to any plans you may have because it’s near impossible to book a day off. You feel blessed if you get a weekend off. Really high turnover of staff. You only find out on a Thursday what way you are working the following week, and the week starts on a Sunday, so you can’t make plans to go out on a Saturday evening on the off chance your on Sunday. Will not be staying with Boylesports for much longer, I need my life back.
ProsGreat staff
ConsLong hours, bad pay
Retail Sales Associate | Lucan, County Dublin | 26 Jun 2022
The morbid pit of despair.
Working at Boylesports taught me a few things. Firstly, gamblers are some of the worst creatures known to man… secondly, the hierarchy of the company has one thing in mind and one thing only… profit. This is over the mental and physical welfare of not only staff, but the poor people who have fallen into an endless pit of addiction, costing them their livelihoods, families and most of all their happiness. It is neglect to the highest degree and working for them made me feel like i was an instrument to make them dirty money and nothing more. 13 hour shifts, sometimes alone, in inhumane conditions, getting abused, threatened and belittled…. whilst making minimum wage with no benefits. I would not wish this job on my worst enemy.
Manager | Kanturk, County Cork | 21 May 2015
Exciting and a fun work place.
I love working with Boylesports. Boylesports are a young, fast paced, exciting and provide an abundance of opportunity for self growth and progression. I usually work three twelve hour shifts and a short day, at least 40 hours every week. I work 9.30-9.30 and 8.30-9.30 on Saturdays, 10.00-6.00 on Sundays. We get an hour break when working the full day and 30 minutes when not working 12 hours or more, we do not get paid for our breaks. The hardest part is keeping our customers service standards while adhering to company procedures. The hardest part is the time you are away from your kids eg. Saturdays I leave the house at 8am and I don't home until 10pm.
ProsGreat opportunities
ConsLong unsociable hours and high pressure fast moving and stressful
Deputy Manager | Ireland | 1 Feb 2022
Over worked and used
Up to 12/13 hr shifts, left single manning and then deduct you a lunch hour. Used left right and centre. Regionals afraid to stick up for you. People leaving left right and centre. Pay poor and will deduct you for lunch breaks even when you dont get one. You are made log that you have had one so top management think you have ...You are contacted on your day off to log that you have taken a break so it looks legal and good. A shambles of which used to be a good company .....
ProsNice work colleagues
ConsRegional managers petrified of hq, Lunch hours always deducted even if single manning, Made log you had a break even if you dont, Christmas bonus a pittance, Sent to different shops miles away, No support from HR

Questions and answers about BoyleSports

What benefits does BoyleSports offer?
Asked 26 May 2019
Decent Christmas bonus that's about it
Answered 5 Dec 2022
Commission for Boyleextra
Answered 13 Nov 2022
How are the working hours at BoyleSports?
Asked 7 Dec 2017
Crazy hours 13 hour shifts you could do four 13 hour shifts a week
Answered 8 Oct 2019
Hours are chaotic.absolute would drain anyone & made work on your own most evenings..madness
Answered 23 Feb 2019
How did you get your first interview at BoyleSports?
Asked 11 Apr 2019
Applied through Indeed.
Answered 1 Mar 2022
Answered 30 Jul 2021
What is the organisational culture at BoyleSports?
Asked 18 Dec 2018
Messy alot of last minute changes in scheduling, leading to stress from management to fill unrealistic hours
Answered 12 Nov 2021
It's a very busy environment and has a lot of regular customers, staff needed to know the customers well.
Answered 3 Mar 2021
How are rosters issued? Do you get them in advance?
Asked 18 Aug 2018
Barely a day notice for rosters coming back until you are into next week. Can make no plans.
Answered 31 Oct 2022
Sent back completely changed from original sent and rarely able to get cover.
Answered 13 Aug 2021