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Operator | Dublin, County Dublin | 14 Oct 2016
good work
Each morning I was checking the BMS (Building Management System) which was monitoring the whole building including pumps, pressure, generators and temperatures. If anything was not in order I was assessing if the problem can be fixed on the spot by me. If not I was contacting with the appropriate maintains company. After that I was checking the Plant rooms to physically check if everything is in order. Then I was doing some cleaning around the block offices, checking the CCTV cameras. I was also programing swipe cards for the visitors or fobs for the office workers. If there was any problem in the offices for example broken light bulb I was attending it. I was reliving two security officers, who were sitting at the front desks for over three hours daily. Or sometimes covering the whole shifts (12h) in reception. While working in reception I was answering phone calls, checking visitors, handling visitors swipe cards, directing, and delivering mail or packages to the offices. I learned to react quickly and adequately to problems also talking to variety of people gave me experience and confidence that I can communicate well with other people. I had a very good relationship with my co-workers, we all were treating each other’s with respect and knew that we can count on each other. The hardest part of the job were the days that everything run smoothly. As 12h is a long shift and sometimes when there were no problems in the building or around it, and also not many visitors the bore
Office Administrator | Galway, County Galway | 7 Sept 2020
Office Admin, One word 'Stressful'
I worked for this company for two weeks, one week spent training and the second week in the office in Galway. The training was professional. The second week proved a disaster. The office under the current covid circumstances last month July was the size of a small box room, with no open window or protective screen. This was the problem: - No social distancing - Sitting either in the corner of the office or on the same desk as the business manager. - I was asked to leave the room every-time the someone came or the business manager had a meeting. Which was several times per day. (I understand privacy and respect it but any work I tried to do was interrupted) - I found it impossible to try and get some work done and when I did, I had to either be face to face on the same desk as my manager, or be in the corner as she wanted social distancing with a laptop on my knee with no neck support. It was like I was a problem and taking up space. - The one day I worked at the desk with the manager I was told the next day. That practicing unsafe office procedures was happening and that all touch points must at least be cleaned, I did as I was told , but I had no where else to do my work so How could I social distance? - On my last day I was so stressed with the whole situation as I had left another job to join the noonan team that I could not get all the work due to the conditions. The manager said ''Its all turned bad for you today, Im sending you for retraining''. This was th
ConsStressful and not a good opportunity
Quantity Surveyor | Swords, County Dublin | 21 Feb 2017
Management broken promises
Started working with Noonan in September of 2015 in the building services department. Very nice, helpful work colleagues. Was working long hours due to promises of a raise. Starting early/taking short lunch breaks while working for very little wages. Of course I did not mind this what so ever because i could see Noonan was a reputable company and career progression seemed to be happening for employees within the office. With the promise that the long hours worked on minimum wage would benefit me in the long run i continued with this routine for about 8/9 months.When it came to time for a discussion with management about this promised wage increase it was stated that my position was been terminated. A bit shocked and frustrated i was offered a junior position within the company. Clearly been taken advantage of for the guts of a year within this company with management and their false promises i declined their offer. Clearly this was something i felt HR should have known about this but for some reason my emails never got replied to? I would hate to see this type of treatment happening within any company but i am sure it is happening. Hopefully people wont believe the same lies as i did while working for practically minimum wage while trying to pay rent in Dublin. on the plus side i did meet some of the nicest work friends over the 11 months with the company. Pity i could not say the same about some of the management personal.still a lot of questions i would have for management
Conssee above
Administrator | Dublin, County Dublin | 28 Nov 2020
Completely left in the dark.
I was excited to start working with Noonans. They had me situated in a shopping centre on an info desk. Day to day was pretty simple and easy, handling emails/social media etc. The salary was okay and I managed to get by although Noonans dont provide ANY benefits whatsoever for working there, this was frustrating as I was travelling by bus everyday upwards of 9 KM a journey. Not to mention the fact that I only paid properly about 2 times in my 8 months of being there! Trying to get the money that you were owed was like getting blood out of a stone. Putting all of this aside I enjoyed my job and the experience was great. That was until Covid hit. The centre manager had called me and stated that I was going to be Temp Laid off which was fine with me. Months pass with no contact or even a "How are you". Then they contact me and I agree to come back for 1 day. During that day I was then told I would be starting back full time within the next 3-4 weeks. From that day to this I havent heard from anyone from bidvest in relation to my job. 2 days after I was there for the one day, they hired someone to take over my position and didnt tell me. They led me to believe I was going back to my job with absolutely no intention of taking me back. I was extremely hurt by this after working closely with these people for over a year. This has furthermore made me hesitant in trusting my future employers. Bidvest Noonan treated me like a piece of dirt.
ProsThe experience
ConsToo many to list
Security Officer | Galway, County Galway | 10 Feb 2021
Constant change
Constantly micro managed by actual client management instead of Noonan area or security manager team leaders are yes men ridiculous hours when short staffed with little to no thanks or rewards Site managers take a disliking to you and your forced out slowly but surely. Area managers whom there were many are yes men as well who do not know how to keep staff business and issues separate from the client management with constant secret emails and text going back and fourth and clients constantly in your ear via radio or undermining you in situations that you are dealing with and doing opposite of what you think is right to keep themselves looking good clients who make staff rosters to suit them and then recieving it a day before last one ends or day of so you cannot plan for your off days or know when exactly when your off by time I left here I was burnt out both mentally and physically.
ProsGood hours 40+ PW other members of staff are nice
ConsMentally tough interference from client week to week roster
Cleaner | Longford, County Longford | 29 May 2019
Very happy working for Noonans
Noonan's wage is above minimum rate. I worked in shops, factories, doctors, solicitors, banks, NCT centre and even a Fire station. It took me a year and a half to build up my hours from 2 to 15 a week, but now it fits perfectly into my life style, like I'm always there for school runs and afterschool care. As for a single mum of 4 - it's a God sent job. Area Manager is brilliant and always there for you, she does make mistakes when overtime is involved, or forgets that you asked for a few days off, but we're all just humans. By the way the new Noonan App eliminates all those problems now. I was always lucky with colleagues as well, so many interesting and lovely people from all over the world - quite amazing. The hardest part of the job is when people you work for are looking down at you or ignore your existence instead - but that's not Noonan's fault.
ProsWorking hours fit perfectly into my lifestyle
ConsIt took time to build up the hours and eliminate long commutes
Cleaner | Castlebar, County Mayo | 5 May 2018
Horrible treatment by managment
I would not recommend working with Noonan in Castlebar's. Over 5 years of working at this location and I received nothing but disgusting treatment from new management. When I first began working at the company it was great and the benefits were excellent, however, in recent months I found the work unbearable, receiving no thanks for anything, only constant criticism. We would be expected to carry out incomprehensible amounts of work with very poor breaks. Overall I felt completely on edge while working in Noonan's in recent months owing completely to the management as the hospital itself is a nice environment with friendly people, unfortunately, this cannot be related to the employer. It has been a terrible experience, not to mention the high workload and physical nature of the position
ProsThe hospital has a nice atmosphere
ConsShort breaks, Long hours, Terrible management, Almost abusive language
Security Officer | Cork, County Cork | 6 Oct 2018
Absolutely horrible
I was hired on with promise of full time hours, which lasted a few weeks. Then for just over a year I was screwed around every week. Holiday pay not paid, my hours disappeared off of my roster. My manager would lie about lack of hours, yet I`d hear back that he`s looking for more people. The sites I worked on were disgusting, staff members leaving fecal matter all over the staff bathroom, the smell in the office. I can`t even begin to describe it. People who slept, and even drank on the job were getting proper hours, yet myself and several others who worked hard were constantly being screwed over. Several times I`d make the journey to work, only to find someone else had been put in my place a few minutes before, and I would have to return home, 12 hours of work taken from me.
ProsExtra 3 euro an hour on Sundays
ConsManagement, staff, everything. Disgraceful
Cleaner | Galway, County Galway | 31 Oct 2020
Like a weird cross between the medieval period and a post apocalyptic sci fi dystopia
No proper training for what is a potentially dangerous job. No Hep c shots for many workers even though this is promised at the start. Holidays are "banned" from time to time, sometimes for months on end. Last year I had to take some of my summer holidays in November. Pervasive culture of disrespect (though some of the line managers are nice enough, it has to be said), and I've heard many truly shocking stories of bullying. Not a few of the line managers see talking to staff like they are misbehaving dogs as a as a good way to motivate, and this toward hard workers too. Just pure ignorance. The 12 day week they expect you to work is physically and psychologically draining. If they won't agree to a 5 day week, do not take the job. Do Not work here.
Cleaner | Dublin West, County Dublin | 6 Jun 2019
Just only if you badly need a job...
Good start after getting out of the hugs of Social Welfare. Not more not less! Like probably in most of companies there is US and THEM approach in terms of division between locals and non-locals what makes the second ones working more hard for the same salary. It is called Non Aggressive Hidden Racism. Management feels like a feudals in their castle what is not easily accessible when needed. Hypocrisy flourishes and then you feel like only a number on the payroll... Or-commodity... On the bright side yes - they pay properly and timely,but there is no such a thing like progressive salary,rewarding or bonuses. At least not for those who are not 'chosen ones'....
ConsOrganization and working culture is so-so, Salary definitely could be higher, Moral and ethical values on the working place should be improved.
Duty Manager | London | 10 Jun 2019
thought it was a good company to work for until i was dismissed .. I Worked at 2 London wall place .. I put a grievance and all evidence was covered up. if your a site manager, you can come in late, falsify records saying that you have done checks when you were on holiday , not once but on 3 different dates . Back dated the checks for 3 months even thou he had never done it once . Lie to the clients and submit documents that either been cut and paste from other sites and when you redo it for him , instead of thanking you, he sends an text saying that you rub him up the wrong way and that's why he doesn't give you the credit you deserved and when you come back to work, you find out that you are under investigation and dismissed . Also its fine to commit plagiarism and put it down as your work when completing the risk assessments on site. He can swear at you and when you show the evidence , they say he has been spoken to . I was suspended when I told HR that he was breaking the data protection act and on the day i was going to send the evidence to hr . he suspended me from site and they allowed him to do it and i was unable to send gather the evidence needed Any noonans senior management.. i am willing to show you the evidence if you are interested . Because it was sweep under by ultimate security . .

Questions and answers about Bidvest Noonan

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Bidvest Noonan?
Asked 12 Jun 2019
Relax and just be yourself
Answered 22 Feb 2021
Tell them exactly what hours and days you want otherwise they will use you
Answered 6 Oct 2020
What is the most stressful part about working at Bidvest Noonan?
Asked 28 May 2019
Roster came out for us week by weel
Answered 18 Aug 2020
Look for something else I wasted 4 years of life and in addition I had to wait for money more than once and also do not pay all health contributions
Answered 22 May 2020
Where are you based?
Asked 8 Feb 2018
Answered 30 Dec 2018
South Africa
Answered 14 Nov 2018
How are the working hours at Bidvest Noonan?
Asked 11 Nov 2021
12 hour shifts
Answered 28 Apr 2022
I worked full time hours monday to friday. There is some opportunity to do overtime. There were not many noonan cleaners where I worked who did part time hours.
Answered 7 Feb 2022
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Bidvest Noonan? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 11 Aug 2021
4 weeks. Screening
Answered 26 Mar 2022
1 month if you are lucky otherwise longer
Answered 29 Dec 2021