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Overall reviews at Applegreen

Artist | County Meath | 9 Dec 2019
Productive and hardworking but not in a good way
A typical day would be as described... productive and hardworking. However, the reason why I am only rating this a 1 is because the benefits of this job are absolutely non existent. You get no lunch benefits whatsoever. Your half an hour break (even if you're in full time) is unpaid. The manager completely took advantage of my hours. Giving me full time hours ever day I was off, even though I had college work and... a life outside the job. The hours were the overall reason I left. Eight to nine hours everyday I was off college. It was ridiculous and unrealistic. I learned to be assertive in this job and to learn in a fast paced environment. Especially when you are given out to on your first day for making insignificant mistakes. Speaking of which The training is as non existent as the benefits. From the first day it feels like you're expected to not make any mistakes. Also, after doing the 9 hours everyday you're off, you're made to do Applegreen and Subway (or whatever department you're working in) training online in your spare time. But nothing practical, that's a waste of Applegreen's time lol. The management was explained really... wasn't the worst management I had but gave me too many hours. The workplace culture was clique and stressful. It was all girls who would sometimes be gossiping away while you are serving all the customers and cleaning everything. The hardest part of the job was being expected to get to grips such work without being practically traine
Night Supervisor | Ashford, County Wicklow | 19 Apr 2016
fast paced and challenging environment
A typical day at work cannot be defined in terms of work load as it is a very unpredictable place of employment. it can vary from being very quiet in terms of customers to the almost uncontrollable peak times as it is a motorway stop off point for many bus companies and commuters. I've learned quite a lot in terms of customer service and how to deal with problematic situations in a fast paced place of work, i have also had to sit several exams such as manual handling and the HACCP exam. Due to the busy condition of the workplace the management can be put under high levels of stress but in general it is a very workable place to be in. The co-workers have all learned to work as both part of a team and individually and therefore creates a very productive and well kept atmosphere. Reasonable enough hours although night shifts can prove to be very challenging due to switching between night time and mornings. My favorite part of the job would have to be meeting certain interesting people that come in quite regularly and creating a bond with the customers and staff.
ProsPlenty of hours work.
ConsVery varied hours can be tiring on the body and mind.
Supervisor | Castlebellingham, County Louth | 13 Sept 2019
You will get hired, but that is not a good thing.
A typical day is being shouted at and treated like a moron, and that is just the customers, the "management" are worse. I learned that you may have a supervisor or management title, but you are not trained for that position to the same standards of any other similar sized company. The management need to be fully, and properly trained to run a department and deal with staff professionally. Not trained by the previous manager who obviously would like to see the place fail, and who they themselves had improper training. the culture is competition between staff and other departments, which is a good idea, but has turned into sabotage and mockery over mistakes. people generally get along with each other, with a select few frivolously logging complaints to chase a promotion and demean the competition. The hardest part of the job is getting everything done within your shift, i would describe it best as not choosing what needs to be done, but choosing what you want to be giving out for not doing. The most enjoyable part of the job is the weekends when little to no managers are around, and you can just get on with your work, because you are an adult.
Assistant Manager | Ireland | 30 Oct 2021
Stressful no support from area managers and unreliable staff
Staff are very unreliable and never turn up for their shifts, take staff on and they see this company as a joke and you would end up doing numerous 12 hour shifts while on a salary and never get paid for it! Asked for help from other sites but never had cover, workload you take on for 24k a year aswell being made work in a deli as no manager or deli assistants while trying to work the till and do your office work all on the same shift. Never any help from area managers they just made you do it! Gave up after 3 years of it! Would stay well clear of this company head office have no respect for there staff on the actual sites unless ur a favourite and are making them money! Customers are not so nice either being screamed at left right and centre for things out of your control not worth ur mental health! Stay well clear!! No chances of progressing unless your area managers favour you. If it wasn’t for my site manager I would of got nowhere as they only see what they wanna see, work hard and u don’t get noticed for it only for my manager pushed for it!
ProsNice management
ConsWorkload to much for not enough money
Sales Assistant | Ireland | 29 Jul 2019
Job? more like slavery!
Horrible place to work. Worked there for years. Expected to go above and beyond for just minimum wage. Had to work one night on my own for 11 hours on one of the busiest days with only a few minutes break. Site managers aren't trained on how to handle any situations and don't give any support. Expected to stay on longer and they refuse to pay you. Expected to work 6 days a week with no thanks and chances are they wont pay you for that either. Horrible place, 0 training given, no benefits. I was expected to do the managers job for just minimum wage. All about giving money to charity when that money is taken from employees wages without permission or a choice. They take the tip money and put straight back into the tills so employees don't get a cent. Site I worked on had no air conditioning (which head office refuses to fix) so temperatures reached serious levels and all food went into critical, but they don't care. Also most cameras on sites don't work and head office also thinks there's no point in fixing these. Even after an incident where a person was very badly injured. Very short staffed and a huge staff turnover. AVOID,AVOID, AVOID!
Sales Assistant | Baldoyle, County Dublin | 27 Aug 2018
Horrible management
I have worked in bakewell for 8 months worse experience I have had as a employee none of my managers remembered my last name I was the only one with no last name on the Rossiter my uncle died so they stopped giving me hours as ours are based on performance so Applegreen stop giving me hours but I was still on the register for 4months after the situation as none of the managers would give me hours or terminate my contract .. No training is giving the rest of the stuff is left to train you in the turnover in Applegreen is on believable so nobody pays your any respect for your work because you can be replaced it’s business as usual I wouldn’t recommend this job to a dog. Also detect we received are taken by one of the staff members who was there the longest and she keeps it until Christmas Time and I receive it’s €30 even though I would make that in a day with my customer service but still gets taken.. If you smoke your 15 minute break don’t get it if fake notes are found it’s taken out the tips none sees anyways
ProsNo free anything no pros your worked to the bone
Cons9:55 a hour to be told you can’t do anything right
Deli Associate | Dublin, County Dublin | 14 Jun 2018
Awful place to work at
I worked in Applegreen and lasted just a little over two months. You get paid minimum wage and the managers over you are very demanding and bossy. Always have something new to complain about. Never out on time and no overtime is ever paid . poor poor management I wouldn’t recommend this place to a dog never mind a person the only good thing about working there was your colleagues because you had a good laugh with them. Asked for a payslip multiple times and still have not received one which is a disgrace as tax etc needs to be claimed back no free lunches you wouldn’t even get a free cup of tea out of them for your break. Breaks are 30 minutes and they have a very high staff turnover no set working hours so not much of a social life tends to be long working hours. Perhaps this is just the experience I have gained from where I have experience in but as I have heard all Applegreens are the same. I also wouldn’t recommend working in the bakewell same story there bossy and demanding
ConsLong hours poor management no overtime
Assistant Manager | Lusk, County Dublin | 4 Oct 2015
Productive, challenging place to work.
Fun place to work all management get along which enables us to work better as a team. We have good communication with all of our staff and we all have fun at work in different ways. There is always room to grow. The company is always looking for ways their staff can grow within the company although the pay is not what one would expect considering the work that is carried out on a daily basis. My job is to run a successful shift, look after the money in the safe, ensure the tills maintain the correct float throughout the day. Ensure staff are working to the best of their ability but enjoying their day in work. I ensure staff are trained correctly and training books are up to date. I ensure everything complies to Burger King standards and that all products being held and sold are of the best quality for our customers.
ProsThe ability to grow within the company.
Conslong hours, not great pay, not the job I want to be in.
Shop Assistant | Cork, County Cork | 2 Oct 2019
Wouldn't recommend Ballyvolane
I worked in ballyvolane applegreen for just under 6 months. I seen first hand why the staff turnover is so bad in this particular location. Manage by a lady who runs it like a dictatorship, her daughter is the supervisor, not really qualified, yet she only does one day a week and arrives and leaves with the Manager. Manager discloses staffs personal information information to other staff members and when confronted about it, she acts as tho nothing is wrong with that. Also don't believe the 20 to 30 hour contract as you only get an 8 hour contract and the manager will put you down to that if she feels like it and will laugh in your face if you question her on it , she will just stare that you only have an 8 hour contract. Also I was hired with the understanding that I would be on 10+ an hour and was only receiving minimum wage even tho my contract stated different!
Cashier | Ennis, County Clare | 19 May 2021
Completely use you
Absolutely worse job in my life and that's not an exaggeration. The thing that was most stressful was having an incorrect pay slip every second week. No matter what you did there it wasn't good enough or fast enough. If people drove off without paying, management would get angry with you as if it was your responsibility. I worked nights, the work load was incredibly heavy. All floors brushed and washed. Shelves had to be packed. Confectionary need to be ready for opening. Coffee machine and station serviced. Newspapers bundled, all bins empties, outside, and new bags put in, restaurant floor washed and cleaned, chairs stacked, Subway was part of Applegreen. No thanks, incorrect pay, and half holiday money .
ProsWhen i handed in my notice. no job can ever be that bad again.
ConsI got no reference after 2 long miserable stressful years doing nights alone, i shouldn't have stayed so long, i was desperate for work.
Manager | Boston | 9 Jan 2019
No support, no well done or thankyou. Spoken down to constantly. Empty promises are always made, yet they expect you to follow through with everything
First of all it's such a same that this company don't care about any of their staff as if they did it would probably be a nice place to work. There is no support what so ever, no well done, no thankyou or please. If you do something good, they will not notice it but of course if you do something wrong or miss something they jump straight on it. You are always made empty promises for example, help and support, pay raise, progression, bonuses all of that was promised to most staff but never actually given which is such a shame when they all work so hard and deserve it. If you're not management you're just a number to them, and super easy to replace which is what I've heard them say before. If you're management then wow, you're in for a treat, spoken down to all the time, always told how bad you're doing and never picked up on the good things you've done and also empty promises. The worst one is how the area managers and high people talk and treat you, you are making them money and being the face of their business yet they have no time or respect for you. On my interview I was promised the world and more, please don't be fooled by this, they make. The company sound amazing but please see past that. I wish I did, I made a massive mistake leaving my other job to come here. I also received no training, most thing I just guessed. Wouldn't recommend for anyone to work here. While I've worked for them 8 people have left and walked out the door and I didn't even work there for a year.
ProsAll the pros are empty promises so you don't actually get any of them.
ConsSpoken down to, no respect, no please thankyou or well done, empty promises, offered the world but it never happens, no help or support, no actual training given. You're just a number
Barista | South Amboy, NJ | 3 Sept 2022
Starbucks Barista at NJ rest stop
I worked one full year as a Starbucks Barista, full time and part time, during breaks and during school. Managers are nice and get along with the employees but you really have to advocate for what shifts you are available for and not let them take advantage of you. Starbucks in itself was a mediocre-terrible experience, especially more recently. There is too much influx of customers who want too many customization nowadays with Tik Tok drinks, and less consideration for the workers. Job paid ~14/15$ plus tips. Pay does not reflect the amount of emotional and physical energy it takes to do this job. After every 8 hour shift you will feel beat down, especially in the summer and winter holidays season. Do not get this job if you cannot work quickly, speak for long hours at a register, and stand on your feet all day. The co-workers were absolutely lovely: fun to work with, uplifting, and supportive. There are usually teenagers/college kids working some adults sprinkled in. Some co-workers are absolute trash at their job and this is where management fails to properly hire some adequate people for the position. Overall, good job for teens who have the energy and enthusiasm but gets old quick.
Customer Service Representative | Eau Claire, WI | 9 Oct 2020
Pay & benefits Their pay is garbage. On a store level management is phenomenal. But on the corporate level, they do not appreciate their employees and their treatment of you reflects as such. Management Store level management cares about your success and encourages your growth. However on a corporate level they could care less about whether or not you succeed in their company as long as you're there to work. Overall On a store level the company is great. But on a corporate level they do not pay fair wages. They are well below average for competitive businesses in the area. They have high expectations but often give employees equipment that falls short. Often times important things like cash registers or coolers are broken down and they will let it sit for weeks and then get angry because they receive customer complaints as a result. If you're looking for part time work it's a good fit. However don't expect them to offer full time hours with fair pay because it won't happen.

Questions and answers about Applegreen

How should you prepare for an interview at Applegreen?
Asked 6 Oct 2017
They will literally hire anyone. No english? No problem. No skills suited to the job? No problem? Provided you have an in date work visa and can nod at the right times you're hired. They have a high level of staff turnover to keep up with
Answered 14 Apr 2020
They just hire anyone if you are suitable or not.
Answered 22 Mar 2020
Any benifits
Asked 25 Apr 2017
You can get staff discount after some time. 50% off bakewell. Apart from that, there are none perks
Answered 10 Oct 2020
You can apply for special staff discount card. They don't openly tell you about this. It isn't worth your time to apply for it.
Answered 14 Apr 2020
How are the working hours at Applegreen?
Asked 27 Aug 2018
Had 40 hours as bakewell staff and then without any noticed my hours were cut to 20 but even those didn't last and after 3 days i was completelly cut for madeup reasons.
Answered 22 Mar 2020
Long and hard.
Answered 17 Aug 2019
How would you describe the pace of work at Applegreen?
Asked 30 Jun 2019
Only 2 people working boss sits in office and leaves 1 person working in store all day expected to unload deliveries, clean store and serve customers alone.
Answered 24 Sept 2022
fast,energetic,and very rewarding.Good to work for and a pleasure to be a part of brilliant work home balance.Able to do your own rota to fit in with your needs and support your team
Answered 6 Sept 2022
What advice would you give the CEO of Applegreen about how to improve it?
Asked 30 Jun 2019
Have respect for the staff that are working their butt off everyday to put money in your pocket. Give them a GOOD living wage, good benefits and ensure there's PRACTICAL training.
Answered 23 Apr 2020
Get your house in order. I'm shocked your management get away with the illegal work practices they implement (as seen across two different sites).
Answered 14 Apr 2020