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Customer Service Representative | Cork | 16 Oct 2018
Not worth it - Avoid!
No consideration for the well-being of general employees. No progression opportunities except of a select few that are the category of "It's not what you know, it's who you know". Salary: You might as well be working for free or at the very least, peanuts. Involving a union like SIPTU would even the playing field and allow for drastic changes that would benefit both employer and employee. Training & Development is a joke. There is better training in a primary school! Punishing people who are genuinely ill and have the sick note to prove it. It is unfair and unjust as Abtran are only interested in the money they will lose from the account as opposed to your health and well-being hence a huge turnover in staff. The scheduling system is ridiculous. No issue docking your hours due to late's/absences etc but when it comes to updating for extra hours or evening holiday days it's either never done or it's at the very last minute. Overtime: It’s not overtime. Overtime implies that there is a different rate of pay. Abtran just offer your same hourly pay so in that respect it is just "Extra Time/Hours = Extra Work = Extra Stress = No Thank You = No incentive". When an employee reports workplace bullying they should be listened to and action should be taken regardless of whether it is another adviser or a team leader. Abtran continuously turn the blind eye and in turn victimise or punish the actual victim. Realistically, this company should be avoided at all co
ProsFriends for life but that's usually what happens in a prison environment...........
ConsSalary, No real benefits, No employee protection i.e. Union, HR is used as a threat, Team Leaders on Power trips.
Sales Executive | Cork | 20 Nov 2012
Productive and busy place to work with a little fun in between
8 to 10 hour day. 5 minute breaks every 2 hours. First duty is to log on to the dialler and be prepared to accept calls from customers on the sky network. Once formalities are exchanged with the customer you can view the account and identify any areas where they can benefit from extra packages that are available. I learned the skill of communicating quickly and efficiently and creating a rapport to benefit sales. There was a continuous on hands by management who identified any weaknessess on our approach and conclusion of the business. My co-workers were very helpfull and were eager to give any assistance I needed. The hardest part of the job was trying to stay fully concentrated towards the end of the shift and avoid any mistakes as legal agreements had to be recited to every customer who purchaced specific packages. The most enjoyable part of the job was when after a good conversation with the customer one made a sale of the product and the customer was sattisfied with the product as stated. Also the different places and people one met as I was dealing with people from all over the U.K.
Prosfree coffee
Conssitting for long periods
abtran monkey | Cork | 11 Jan 2017
Terrible place to work
I started just over a year ago and have not found other work since. The salary is basically minimum wage but there is no advancement possibilities. They say you will have monthly reviews but I haven't had one since I started. They say there will be pay reviews but people I know have been on the same pay for 7 years. The work tends to be mind numbing, but they can really hassle you abut he smallest errors which often aren't your fault and the managers can be really infuriating. The different departments all vary but in mine the managers are useless, lazy and sometimes have only been promoted as they didn't have any impetus to try and leave. It always sound bad but bearable. Then you work there and you just can't describe the horrible feeling accurately. Some staff had to work Christmas day and were rewarded with an extra 5 Euro an hour. What is worse is that the government gives this place contracts. Even though it doesn't give people a living wage or future and the upper management make a health profit.
ProsThe dream of leaving
ConsIts existence
Agent | Sligo | 28 Nov 2020
It’s not bad at all
They promote internally before looking externally and there are job/promotion advertisements every week in your emails. I don’t believe there is favouritism when it comes to promotions - this is pointed out in other reviews but I do not believe it is true. The site manager is a lovely approachable person, the front of office/secretary is great and the Team Leaders are (generally) nice people. The Trainers are also great and the training provided was good. From what I have heard, some accounts are much more difficult than others and unfortunately you cannot move unless it is through a promotion. Overall Abtran Sligo is a good place to work. (Much better than the other call centre in town)
ProsGreat facilities - from canteen to work floor, good atmosphere, promote internally, clean office, wages rise after 1 year and again after 2 years (depending on performance)
ConsStarting wage, 7 minutes for ‘Away From Desk’, company is very Cork central and need to recognise Sligo more
Support desk | Dublin West, County Dublin | 2 Oct 2017
Basic job
Over all the Dublin office does not get as much credibility as the cork office. We never got any benefits i.e. Pizza days or treats for the hard work we have put in. The pay is terrible especially for living in Dublin with high rents an living costs. There was no free food ie fruit baskets or anything. The support was great when you got it. The job is a good job. But for the hours an the effort put in it's not great. The good thing was that it was mainly a Monday to Friday job. I was waiting until near the end of my contract to find out if I was being kept on or not. Which I felt was not very professional when we were advised we could be kept on. I did expect this is happen at least a month before the end of my contract. There was a lack of communication in the place. It's very hard if not impossible to get an annual leave day.
ProsTeam leader was absolutely excellent very understanding
ConsLong hours not very good pay, No time off, No extra pay for doing over time or working for Saturdays.
Specialist | Cork | 1 Sep 2014
Encourages productive and happy staff
Each day starts with reviewing tasks to be completed that day. My tasks are then prioritised. I check with my direct line supervisor if anything is urgent before I proceed with my work. My co-workers are very professional and supportive whilst also being great fun. We have a very fair system in Abtran as our STATUS is logged on our system at all times. It would be very difficult for an employee to be a passenger in Abtran. There is a high team orientated ethos. One of the more difficult parts of my job is the unpredictability of the work flow. As Irish Water is such a new company we cannot predict the quantity of work each day. The best part of the job is the workforce. There is an extremely high calibre of staff working in Abtran. We know the standards expected of us and we strive to reach them each day. I look forward to going to work each day.
ProsFairness to each employee
ConsLow pay
Bilingual Customer Service Associate | Cork | 22 Aug 2017
It is not worth the effort.
It is not worth the effort. The salary is miserable compared to the workload. However the work conditions are different in the different accounts inside the company. As far as I know the working conditions can change consistently from an account to another. For example, in one account you could some benefits and bonuses not offered in another one. Beware of the new accounts, generally they put not experienced manager working there and the last thing you want is being managed by a person that does not know how to deal with people! Human Resources will rarely help you and most of the time they will not reply to your queries or they will not fix any problems. The only pro is the canteen. Nice food is served at an affordable price. Other than that, there are not many reasons to work for them. Anyway it is not the worst company ever... I saw worst companies!
Customer Service Representative | Cork | 6 Feb 2019
While minimum wage jobs typically leave much to be desired, abtran manages to make to worst of the worst seem utopian. For the level of work and responsibility placed upon workers, people here are grossly underpaid and mistreated. Abtran has little respect for its workers, offering no extra pay for overtime. training is insufficient, so workers are eventually thrown into the deep end with little support. Team leaders are swapped between departments, resulting in useless supervisors-for example kelly in irish water. Overall, the company does not care about its workers as they take it for granted that large swarms of people are constantly leaving and joining the company. It's better to hold on in the job search for a little longer, than to desperately and moreover gullibly take any offer from abtran.
Prosbetter than dole
Conssalary, management, support, environment, work appreciation
Customer Service Team Lead | Cork | 11 Sep 2013
Fast Moving and Challenging
• First point of contact for a wide variety of customers from diverse cultures and backgrounds. • Web Message Team: Selected agent with the responsibility of replying to web submitted questions or inquiries from Client website. • Support Request Administration Call-Back Team. Selected Agent with responsibility to call customers back during quite times to inform them of results of investigations/queries they had requested about their accounts. • Debit Management Team. Select Team to help customer get their accounts cleared and restarted. • Temp. Staff Team Leader: Full Range of responsibilities for small team of Temporary Staff during high periods of Account Activity. • Call Coach. Assist team members with improving the call scores. Listen in and after the call review to help agent improve their Customer Service Skills.
Customer Service Representative | Cork | 25 Aug 2017
If you need a bit of cash, look somewhere else
As others stated not many positive aspect's to working here, poor wage is a killer, especially if your paid monthly. You will start on €9.38 and of your Lucky they might increase that by 10-20 cent every couple of years. Ideal for young people just make sure you dont grow old working at Abtran. for the amount of work and stress you need to endure due to demands of the public or the sheer incpmpetence of "Yes Men" managers, who got where they are by saying the right things, not exactly doing the rights things. they low wage does not fairly comensate you for your efforts. Also I would like to point out the salary is NOT competitive and the canteen is NOT subsidised like advertised. Typical Abtran.
Conswage, canteen price + food, hours, pay, lack of progression

Questions and answers about Abtran

What would you suggest Abtran management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked 27 Mar 2017
Lasted 6 months still have nightmares about working there my manager was cruel passive aggressive (once physically aggressive) when I went to senior employees I was accused of attention seeking, went in every morning feeling sick hating the thought of having to stay there for the day.... absolute disgrace of a company to work for
Answered 21 Nov 2020
Increase the wages and stop monitoring everything
Answered 2 Feb 2020
How are the working hours at Abtran?
Asked 24 Jul 2017
Horrible... the company is so bad they are constantly understaffed meaning the remaking staff has to do mandatory overtime to make up hours
Answered 21 Nov 2020
They were fine for the account I worked for, rotating shifts. Week 1- 9-5.30pm Week 2- 9.30-6pm Week 3- 10.30-7pm
Answered 23 Oct 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Abtran? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 18 Jan 2018
About a day
Answered 6 Jun 2019
I applied and was hired within the space of two weeks. phone interview and face interview
Answered 16 Apr 2019
What is the Abtran employee discount?
Asked 24 Jul 2017
None, 0 hour contracts with no half or double pay if you work bank holidays
Answered 19 Jun 2020
Not sure what is being asked.
Answered 15 Jan 2018
What should you wear to an interview at Abtran?
Asked 14 May 2017
Formal drressing
Answered 2 Jan 2018
Simple, casual but professional.
Answered 30 Dec 2017